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English-Chinese machine translation has tremendous commercial value and importance in nowadays information age, there are growing interests and development activities going on. However, so far, no company dominates this area. Where there is a growing demand, but not mature solution, it means enormous opportunities.


Since Professor Mao introduced me into this area in 1992, I have an ever-lasting passion for Machine Translation. Fifteen years later, even some very popular translation engines can not handle simple English sentences very well. Let us have a look at some translation results from Google and BabelFish.

 (The following results are from Feb, 2007.)

The farmer fed cattle with wheat .

[Google] 农夫与牛喂小麦.

[BabelFish] 农夫被喂养牛用麦子。

The young mother fed her baby girl with milk.  

[Google] 她年轻的母亲喂母乳的女婴.

[BabelFish] 年轻母亲喂养了她的女婴用牛奶。

He can run as fast as a horse .

[Google] 他能尽快开办马.  

[BabelFish] 他能一样快速地跑作为马。

What he said makes his mother happy.  

[Google] 他说,他的母亲高兴.

[BabelFish] 什么他说牌子他的母亲愉快。

The old man you met in the park last week is his father .  

[Google] 老伯你是上星期在公园内遭到父亲.

[BabelFish] 您遇见在公园的老人上星期是他的父亲。

A building was damaged by the storm.  

[Google] 建筑物被焚毁的风暴.

[BabelFish] 大厦被风暴损坏了。

Don't waste money on trash .  

[Google] 垃圾不浪费金钱.

[BabelFish] 不要浪费金钱在垃圾。

Don't write with that pencil .

[Google] 不信,铅笔.

[BabelFish] 不要写与那支铅笔。

The boy is reading a book .

[Google] 身材读一本书.

[BabelFish] 男孩读一本书。

The old man raises ducks .

[Google] 老先生把鸭子.

[BabelFish] 老人扶养鸭子。

It is made of crystal .

[Google] 这是用2428.

[BabelFish] 它由水晶制成。


Is it possible to take a better approach, an open solution to exceed any existing English-Chinese Translation Engine? The answer is yes. After about fifteen years’ hard work, a new English-Chinese machine translation system was born. The big picture is clear, and most technical difficulties have been resolved. In brief, it is only one step to commercialize, and potentially this system can be evolved into the best English-Chinese Translation Engine in the world.


Some innovations and strengths of the system are as follows.

·         It is an open solution, easy to tune with great potentials and values. New rules and knowledge can be easily added and picked up right away. In doing this; the efficiency to tune the system is greatly improved.

·         Having invented an easily understandable, but very powerful rule description language which covers most syntax and semantic phenomena in English.

·         The first in the world to apply Link Grammar to English-Chinese machine translation. Link Grammar has been proved to be one of the best technologies to parse English sentences. It shows exceptional flexibilities. It is also the first to do semantic analysis with Link Grammar. Semantic phenomena have been classified to different patterns, and these patterns can be well recognized and handled.

·         It is portable, and can be put into PDA, blackberry, Palm, and even smart phones. In addition, it can also be embedded into other software to provide translation services from English to Chinese. Currently, the system is with a dictionary of over 500,000 words, it is less than 10M disk space.

·         It is robust system, with more than 500000 words and phrases with detailed syntax and semantic info, 3000 rules. It has already covered a lot English language phenomena, and can translate a lot of very complicated sentences and provide high quality Chinese translation.

Given a team of six to ten, the system can be evolved into the best English-Chinese Translation engine in the world in one year.


Welcome for any comment and feedback.