The object of the game is reduce all your opponents life points down to zero. The last player left in the game with  life points wins.

Each player brings his own personal deck of Yugioh cards to the game. Players are only allowed to use between 40-60 cards. If the player has Syncro or Fusion cards then he must separate them out to either the Synco or Fusion DECK ZONE (some mats have the Fusion zone and some have the Syncro zone). Each player shuffles his deck, places it on the  DECK ZONE of the GAME MAT and draws five cards to his hand, not showing them to the other players. The players decide who goes first. The first player draws a sixth card from his deck to his hand. The player then has several game-play options:

1) If he has a MONSTER card that has four or less stars, then he can summon it.

2) If he has a monster card that has five or more stars then he can only summon it by sacrificing one or more monster cards, i.e. discarding it the the GRAVEYARD pile, as follows:

            Amount of Stars on Monster Card Player                Amount of Monster Cards Required to be Sacrificed to Graveyard
                                                5-6                                                                                                                    1
                                                7-8                                                                                                                    2
                                                9-10                                                                                                                  3
                                                11-12                                                                                                                4
The MONSTER card can either be played in ATTACK MODE, face up and vertical, or in DEFENSE MODE, face down and horizontal. If this is the players first turn, then his turn is now over. If its not his first turn, then he can attack another players MONSTER card
3) If the player has an MAGIC Card with a lightening-bolt, he can activate it in this turn or lay it face down saving it for activation in a later turn. Activating it means he reads the text on the card and follows its instructions. If the player has a MAGIC Card without a lightening-bolt then he can activate it in his turn, but not save it for later activation.

4) If a player has a TRAP Card then he can lay it face down to be used in a later turn.

5) If a player has a RITUAL MONSTER card, which is a dark blue colored card, he can summon it only if he has the MAGIC card that specifically enables him to use the RITUAL MONSTER card (if will mention the specific name of the monster card). MAGIC cards that are connection to RITUAL MONSTER cards have the symbol of burning fire in the top center of the card. When this happens the player puts both cards down face up. The player then follows the instructions on the MAGIC card and then it in the GRAVEYARD.

On the first  turn of each player he has several play options available after summoning his monster card

Your ordinary monster has attack points and defense points and stars for its level.