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Games Programming by me: 

Free Othello Game for Mac OS X 

Othello 0.95 for Mac OS X updated at February 14, 2007. Universal Binary Game, support PowerPC Mac and X86 Mac natively.


New Features:

Version 0.95

   Improved performance, more powerful and more faster than version 0.91
     Show Coordination
     Learning how to play Othello by Google web search
     Added Italian localization by Jacopo Donati

Version 0.91v2

    Added  French localization by  Jean-Jacques Ardoino

Version 0.91

   Fix Memory Leaks
     Switch between 3D animated disks and  original disks likes version 0.83
     Show last move
     Improved performance,  45% faster than version 0.87
     Added sound effects

 Version 0.87
    Fix some bugs
    Show 3D animated disks 
    Display messages in drawer
    Other new features of improved interface


Screen shot of Othello for Mac OS X


If you like Othello, please give it a good rating at MacUpdate. If you don't like it, or if you have problems, please email me


Jean-Jacques Ardoino added French localization for Othello. Visit his web at http://www.graffitix.com.

Jacopo Donati added Italian localization for Othello. He told me that it's the first localization he made. I am honoured about it.

If you like to provide localizations for my applications, please email me!  




I also provide a free Othello for Windows. It is simple and nearly ugly, but it really runs well.                                                             



Other Tools Pragramming by me:

Network Interfaces Viewer can show you network interfaces info in Mac OS X, version 0.2 with some bugs fixed and a whole new GUI released at Apr 16, 2006. It is a Universal Binary. I still Work at this Project, it will be updated continually.


 Screen shot  of Network Interfaces Viewer in my iMac G5