Triple Crown Riders

Winners in the prestigious California Triple Crown are the elite Long Distance Bicyclists in California since they have completed at least three Double Centuries in one calendar year.
Visit the official site created by Chuck Bramwell, the Executive Director of the California Triple Crown, to provide you with the latest information on these challenging events!!
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Gary Swanson 3rd PLACE (2012 CTC STAGE RACE) 2012 
Gary Swanson  California Triple Crown Rider 2012 
David Palmeri California Triple Crown 2012 
Lora Broad California Triple Crown Rider 2011 
Janise Capaul California Triple Crown Rider 2011 
Dave Palmeri Grand Tour Quad (400 miles) 2011 
Stan Nowinski California Triple Crown Rider 2011 
Sabrina Palmeri California Triple Crown Rider 2010 
David Palmeri ‘Grand Tour” “Triple Century Rider” 2010 
Jannie Lopez California Triple Crown Rider 2010 
Roger Farren California Triple Crown 1000 Mile Club 2010 
David Palmeri California Triple Crown 1000 Mile Club 2010 
Rogelio Barrera California Triple Crown Rider 2010 
Bill Evans California Triple Crown 1000 Mile Club 2010 
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