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Competitive Bidding

The BBO Administration have kindly offered to run a series of competitive bidding articles. I feel I have a lot to talk about on this important topic.
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The BBO archive link contains these articles in their easy-to-read format.

Lecture 1 (Sep 7th 2013)

They bid-and-raise-a-Major

I talk about when they bid-and-raise hearts. 

Lecture 3 (Sep 28th 2013)

Opening a Major

Have spades? Bid spades. 

Lecture 5 (Dec 9th 2013)

Light initial actions

How aggressive are you?

Lecture 2 (Sep 14th 2013)

They bid-and-raise Spades

I cover the two-way double showing a regular take-out of spades, or promising hearts and clubs. 

Lecture 4 (Oct 7th 2013)


Avoid big(ger) penalties. 

Lecture 6 (Dec 28th 2013)

Fit Jumps

Why not show partner 9 of your cards?