YouTube Symphony at Carnegie Hall, April 2009

YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, April 2009

In April 2009, YouTube brought more than 90 musicians from 30+ countries to Carnegie Hall to form the world’s first collaborative online orchestra. The sell-out performance under the direction of San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas was the culmination of an online audition that garnered submissions from over 70 countries and territories on six continents.  On the day of the Carnegie performance and the following day, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Channels received 6 million visits.

The April, 15, 2009 program featured guest artists, soloists, chamber groups, a full symphony orchestra, and electronica, and included works by Gabrieli, Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Villa Lobos, a guided group improvisation from John Cage, as well as a premiere excerpt from  “B-Sides,” a new piece by composer/DJ Mason Bates. Academy Award -winning Chinese composer, Tan Dun conducted his own Internet Symphony “Eroica,” written especially for this occasion accompanied by a video mash-up of memorable entrants. A visual journey designed by Travis Threlkel of Obscura Digital was projected onto the historical Carnegie Hall architecture creating an immersive video experience.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra concert video

YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2009 Highlights

Members of the 2009 YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall


Violin I
Vadym Borysov (Ukraine)
Benjamin Chan (Albany, NY)
Tiago Manuel De Oliveira Santos (Portugal)
David France (Windsor, CT)*
Pavel Guerchovitch (France)
Andrea Christine Jarret (Saline, MI)
Roman Krainz (Austria)
Marc Levine (Islip, NY)
Jacqueline Morant (Keller, TX)*
Ben Odhner (Cleveland, OH)
Karla Donehew Perez (Cleveland, OH)
Manuel Ramos Reynoso (Mexico)*
Donovan Seidle (Canada)
Hanah Stuart (New York, NY)*
Titus Flueras Besa (Romania)*
Alexey Zavgorodnyy (Russia)
Jingye Zhang (China)

Violin II       
Alexandra Early (Cleveland, OH)
Jakub Fiser (Czech Republic)
Kyung-Hee Kim (South Korea)
Tae Shik Kim (South Korea)
Irina Simeonova Kodin (Bulgaria)
Calvin Lee (Modesto, CA)
Tien-Hsuan Lee (Taiwan)*
Jennifer Milicent Lindsay (Torrance, CA)
Sangmin Park (South Korea)
Li Da (China)
Hannah Tarley (Cupertino, CA)*
Annemarie Van Viegen (Netherlands)
Maurice Mauer (Germany)
Viktor Ba'tki (Hungary)*
Lauren Brigden (Australia)
Boudrant Clement (France)
Pawet Czarny (Poland)
Renee Noel Gilliland (El Paso, TX)
Samantha Gillogly (West Brookfield, MA)
Yunior Lopez  (Cuba)
Ondrev Martinovsky (Czech Republic)
Alisa A. Seavey (Wayne, PA)
Anna Shumik (Russia)
Dawson White (Waco, TX)
Dash Nesbitt (Bloomington, IN)

George Durham (Reno, NV)
Larissa Natalia Ferreira De Mattos (Brazil)
Michal Greco (Czech Republic)
Rachel Hsieh (Baltimore, MD)
Rosette Kruisinga (Netherlands)*
Michelle Kwon (Freemont, CA)
Soojung Lee (South Korea)
Charles Pierre (France)
Michal Shein (Boston, MA)
Stephane Tetreault (Canada)
Laszlo Bencze (Hungary)
David Z. George (Cleveland, OH)*
Kurt Hinterbichler (New York, NY)
Devin Howell (Harrisburg, PA)
Hyungtag Lee (Cincinnati, OH)
Joel K. Negus (Cleveland, OH)
Ian Whitman (Canada)
Nina Perlove (Cincinnati, OH)*
Daniel Stein (Bloomington, IN)*

Nicholas Fitton (Cotuit, MA)

Nir Gavrieli (Israel)*
Koichi Osada (Japan)

English Horn       
Robert Silla Aguado (Spain)
Victor De La Rosa Lorente (Spain)
Soo-Young Lee (South Korea)*
Ana Catalina Ramirez Castrillo (Costa Rica)

Bass Clarinet       
Marco Antonio Mazzini Herrera (Peru)
Wade Coufal (Pearland, TX)
Fabio Gianolla (Italy)*

Anrijs Ivanovskis (Latvia)
Lin Jiang (Australia)*
James Stephen Moffat (Canada)
David Barreda Tena (Spain)
Armin Terzer (Italy)
Arnaud Geffray (France)*
Eric D. Moe (Spokane, WA)*
Colin Oldberg (Evanston, IL)
Jonathan J. Brummel (San Francisco, CA)*
Jhon Wilson Gonzalez (Colombia)
Bass Trombone       
Johan Wiklund (Sweden)

Andrew Chester (Chicago, IL)*
Owain Alexander Williams (United Kingdom)*
Elliott G. Burris (Charlottesville, VA)
Gael Chabot-Leclerc (Canada)
Patrick Chapman (Clover, SC)
Lai Wai Man (Hong Kong)
Maki Takafuji (Japan)

Regina Ederveen (Netherlands)*
Tino Balsamello (Italy)*
Darius Klisys (Lithuania)
Celso Garcia Blanco (Spain)