YouTube Rewind Press

How many years have you done this?

2013 is the 5th year we’ve made a list of the most popular videos on YouTube. See 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

How did you determine the top video list?

You don’t just watch videos - you share, like, make responses and more. So we looked at the many ways you interact with videos to identify the top trending videos that everybody was talking about in 2013.

How did you determine the top channels list?

We chose the top channels based off their subscriber growth this year. We also took into account views, reach and engagement.

Just how much YouTube were we watching this year?

You now watch six billion hours of video every month on YouTube. More stats are available here.

Where can I see the trending videos that were popular in other countries this year?

Scroll down on this page to see the list of country channels and view the local country lists in their languages.

Why isn't a top trending video list available for every country?

We tried to make top video lists for as many countries as possible based on available information. YouTube is popular globally, with 80% of views coming from outside of the United States. Our global list is also representative of what people all around the world were watching in 2012.

What makes a video go viral on YouTube?

There’s no exact formula, but popular videos tend to have three key characteristics. They’re entertaining or informative in some way, they’re something that you want to share with other people, and they come from a channel with more videos like it.

Why did you decide to make your own YouTube Rewind video and what went into the making of this video?

We worked with 60+ creators in 10 locations around the world (along with 30 goats) to celebrate the work of the great creators and top moments this year on YouTube.

Do you have a list of the channels who appeared in this year's video?

Bart Baker
Chester See
Convos with My 2-Year-Old
Corridor Digital
Daily Grace
Dave Days
Epic Meal Time

Video Production Credits

YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say? was created by YouTube & Portal A
Directed by Kai Hasson
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Zach Blume
Produced by Finley Wise, David Iain Johnson, Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto
Director of Photography: Alex Jacobs
Lead Editor: Sari Tracht
Key Production Support: Sweatpants Media
VFX: Cinesaurus