YouTube Red, Music and Original Series and Movies FAQs


Q: What is the YouTube ad-free subscription service? What do people get for joining?

  • YouTube Red is a paid membership that brings ad-free, background, and offline experiences to YouTube content for a monthly fee of $9.99. [$9.99 per month for Android, desktop, mweb / $12.99 per month (iOS)]

  • Once launched, the ad-free membership will work across all YouTube experiences that you can sign into including YouTube Gaming and the all-new YouTube Music app. Members will experience ads-free across all these devices, with background and offline available on mobile specifically.

  • In the future, members will also get access to new, exclusive content from top creators.

Q: Why is YouTube launching an ad-free subscription service?

  • We’re constantly working to improve our product offering for users, creators and advertisers.

  • As YouTube continues to grow, we’ve learned that different viewers want to watch different things and in different ways.  With our innovative Kids and Gaming apps, we've made it easier for fans to find the content they love most. And with the new, ad-free subscription service, we will be offering even more features that some users are willing to pay for, like an ad-free experience and offline playback.

  • By meeting the needs of a broader range of fans, we believe we can increase user engagement on YouTube.

Q: What happens if a user chooses to not subscribe to the service?

  • The ad-supported YouTube you know and love is not going anywhere and is a core part of our business. If a user chooses not to become a member they will continue to experience the same free, ad-supported YouTube as they do today.

Q: How is the ad-free subscription service related to/different from the Gaming and Kids apps?

  • This offering is tied to a YouTube user’s existing account which moves with them across devices - so to be clear, it is not a specialized app; it exists at the account level. The membership only works as a signed in experience. As a result, the YouTube desktop site, mobile site, mobile app, and Gaming app are all supported. The Kids app does not have a signed in mode, so it is not currently supported.

Q: Where is YouTube Red launching?

  • We are launching in the US to start, and are planning to expand the product to other major markets over the course of the next year.

Q. How much does YouTube Red cost?

  • Membership to YouTube Red is $9.99 per month (Android, desktop, mweb), $12.99/month (iOS).

Q: Will there be comments, likes, views and are they visible in YouTube Red?

  • Yes; these features are a core part of the YouTube experience and will work similarly with YouTube Red as they do with ad-supported YouTube. Where you will see some variation is in the experiences developed for specific verticals and in the YouTube Red exclusive content.

Q: How does offline playback work?

  • YouTube app: Save videos or playlists to watch offline when you aren’t connected—on the road, at the gym, or on your next camping trip.

  • YouTube Music app - ‘Offline mixtape’: Select the number of songs and choose between audio or video, and the app will save a selection of music based on your Liked music and frequently played songs.

  • Videos that users have to watch offline will remain offline for up to 30 days. Some content may not be available offline when you reconnect to the internet due to content restrictions from video creators.

  • Offline videos are available only on the YouTube Android and iOS mobile apps on supported smartphones.

Q. Do you have any more info to share about what will happen with partnered creators who don't sign on to Red?
Both creators and users have been asking for a YouTube subscription service and that's why we built YouTube Red. Today, the overwhelming majority of our partners, representing nearly 99% of the content watched on YouTube, have signed up. Videos of partners who don’t update their terms will be made private, but we remain committed to working closely with these partners with the goal to bring them on board.  

Q. How is revenue determined?

  • New revenue from YouTube Red membership fees will be distributed to video creators based on member engagement with each creators' content. As with our advertising business, the majority of the revenue will go to creators.

Q. How Red will affect payouts for Google Play Music rights holders?

  • As a company-wide policy, we don't go into the details of our partner agreements other than to say that the majority of the revenue generated on Google Play and YouTube Red goes to the partner. Our content partners, irrespective of who they are, will get paid whether users sign up through YouTube Red or Google Play Music.

Q. What happens if a creator doesn’t sign up?

  • Creators have been asking us to launch a subscription service -- so that, combined with user demand, is why we built the service and why the overwhelming majority of our partners, representing nearly 99% of the content watched on YouTube, have signed up. Videos of partners who don’t update their terms will be made private when we launch YouTube Red in the US because it isn't fair to ask a fan to pay $9.99 for a service that has less content than a free service.


Q: What is this new music app? And how is it related to YouTube Red?

  • YouTube Music is an all-new app designed to make discovering, watching and listening to music easier than ever.  Choosing any song or artist on YouTube music will start a personalized journey through our incredibly diverse music catalog. This all new-music app joins our gaming and family apps, which were launched earlier this year, to provide users with new choices and experiences on how they want to enjoy their favorite content on YouTube.

  • When you download the Music app, you can unlock even more features including ad-free, offline and background play by signing up for a trial of YouTube Red.

Q: Is the app free or paid?

  • The app is free to download and use, but with the YouTube Red membership it also removes ads and unlocks additional background and offline member benefits. As a thank you for downloading the Music app users get a 14-day complimentary YouTube Red membership (without entering their cc). Music app users can extend thereafter their trial for another 30 days when entering their cc.

Q: Why did you create a separate app for music?

  • We’ve learned that users want specialized experiences – like YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming – for certain use cases and we wanted to create a way to more easily discover the artists, albums, videos and versions that you love. Additionally, we wanted to deliver an app that enables you to experience the music you love, with less work.

Q: Why didn’t you launch just a music service, why a site-wide service?

  • We launched a beta of the music subscription specifically to learn from our biggest music fans on YouTube. A key learning was that they didn’t want to use these features on just music -- they wanted to use them across all of YouTube. To make this subscription most compelling to them, as well as the broadest audience on YouTube, we decided to create a site-wide membership called YouTube Red.

Q: What countries is the app available?

  • It will be available only in the US at launch. We plan to expand to more territories in 2016.

Q: What’s included in the app? How do you determine what’s in the app? Is it all of the music on YouTube?

  • The music app includes content that we've identified - in collaboration with our music partners - as content that deserves to be in a music-only experience. This is an ongoing process, and not all content that looks, smells, feels and sounds like music has made it into the app yet; but, we're working hard to get it in quickly so that our music fans can watch the videos they love all within one app.

Q: How will the YouTube music app be integrated with Google Play?

  • The new music app operates separately from Google Play.

  • However, a YouTube Red members will get subscription access to Google Play Music, and Google Play Music subscribers will get a YouTube Red membership.

Q: Why do you have two subscription services at Google - YouTube and Google Play Music?

  • People enjoy music in many different ways, so we want to give people more choice. And to make it easy, one subscription gets you access to both services.


Q: How does exclusive content fit into YouTube Red and when does it launch?

  • YouTube Red members will get exclusive access to new original shows from some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

  • You’ll hear more from us on exclusive shows & movies early next year.

Q: How were YT Original creators chosen?

  • We’re focused on funding new content from some of our top creators, helping them not only fulfill their creative ambitions but also deliver new material to their millions of fans on YouTube.

  • When choosing series for YouTube Red, we evaluate a variety of qualitative and quantitative factors, including the creative itself, budget and audience potential.

Q: Are you looking at more exclusive shows for YouTube Red?

  • We’re continuing to discuss ideas for exclusive YouTube Red shows and movies with a number of top creators, with more to come. 

  • YouTube has over a billion users - almost one-third of all people on the Internet - and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
  • YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.
  • The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% year over year since March 2014
  • Growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated and is now up over 60% year over year, the fastest growth rate we've seen in two years.
  • The number of users coming to YouTube who start at the YouTube homepage, similar to the way they might turn on their TV, is up over three times year on year.
  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • Once users are on YouTube, they are spending more time per session watching videos. On mobile the average viewing session is now more than 40 minutes, up more than 50% year over year.
  • The number of hours people spent watching videos on mobile is up 100% y/y,
  • Partner revenue is up 50% y/y - and we’ve seen this level of partner revenue growth for three straight years.
  • The number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube is up 50% year over year.
  • The number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube is up more than 40% year over year. And for our top 100 advertisers the average spend per advertiser is up over 60% year over year.