Airbus A350


A350 was originally published by Dan and David

and I want made it to the next level


made the gear bays under the fuselage and wings

new fan,new engines,new windows and moving parts

redesigned the cockpit winows


advanced glass cockpit displays merged from MD-11 and A380 cockpit panels

flipable HUD and HUD camera (later inspired by Utachy's MRJ)


7 liveries were introduced in the pack

MSN04 Qatar A350XWB Launch Customer

MSN05 World Tour

Aeroflot (Аэрофлот)

Qatar Airways (القطرية)

TAM Airlines

Japan Airlines (日本航空)

Cathay Pacific(国泰航空)

Additional Aircraft

Airbus A380 Trent XWB Flying Testbed

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