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YSM 2011 was held at the University of Southampton on the 12th-14th April 2011.
Thank you to all delegates who attended and made YSM 2011 a great event. Photos of the conference can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/ysm2011/ - Feel free to check them out!
The Young Statisticians' Meeting (YSM) is an annual event specifically designed for career young statisticians, organised by career young statisticians.  If you are in the early years of your statistical career (first 10 years) or currently studying for a PhD, MSc or BSc in statistics then YSM offers an excellent opportunity to present your own research in a friendly atmosphere, discover a variety of other statistical topics currently being researched and network amongst your peers.
The traditional two day YSM has been extended to 2 and a half days, mostly due to feedback from delegates who attended, and due to the ever growing popularity of YSM and the increasing number of delegates who want to present their work. There is also a new "Dinner and Debate" evening event which will focus on the collection and use of personal data. The panellists will discuss the confidentiality and ethics issues around the use of personal data, and the rights of an individual to control how their data is used. Weighed against this is the usefulness of personal data in policy making and how collecting this information could actually be a good thing for the public. 
We hope that this new session will be a great addition to the programme, and that the longer length of the conference will give delegates even more opportunity to network, share their research and learn about the research of others.
However, this does mean that the registration fee has had to be raised compared to last year, especially considering that the current economic climate means sponsorship is increasingly difficult to secure. Don't let this put you off! The YSM 2011 committee are working very hard to ensure that the standard of the conference is as good as (or even better than!) earlier years. We are keen that delegates gain as much from YSM 2011 as they have previously, that an excellent variety of plenary talks and workshops are provided and that delegates get a chance to present their research in poster or presentation form.
The registration fee is still extremely good value and includes a jam-packed programme of speakers, workshops and parallel sessions, the new "Dinner and debate" evening event, and the conference dinner with traditional English country dancing.
This conference is a fantastic opportunity for career young statisticians and researchers and we encourage you to take it!