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Please join us!

Regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  We meet at  Preservation Hall, 300 Lane Street, Yreka, CA  96097.

Individual or Business Membership: $10 per year (July 1 ~ June 30)  It is easy to be a member!  Simply download our membership application below and mail in with your check or money order!  Even easier... click on our donation button for either the basic dues of $10 or Sponsorship amount you would like to contribute!  Send us the information requested on the application in an email, save the postage and paper!

Sponsorship ~ individuals or businesses are welcome to become Sponsors of Yreka Preservation.

Find our printable .pdf Membership Application here!


Download our
Brochure here!

All sponsors will be publicly noted on our Sponsorship Page!  
  • $25 and above = sponsor level

Board Members for 2019-2020

Brian Meek,  President
Connie Meek, Vice-President
Claudia East, Secretary
Darlene Eller, Treasurer
John Foulke, Member at Large
Don East, Member at Large

Tom Ralston, Past Board Member
Charlie Gillingham, Past Board Member

Officers and Appointments for 2019-2020:

Collections:  Kathy Graves
Culinary Arts:  Caroline Brask
Performances:  David Goodno
Historian:  Available
Echoes Editor:  Claudia East
Programs:  Mike Grifantini

    How to join online:

     Want to join as basic member ($10) or a Sponsor?  Simply follow this 2 step direction process:

     1.  Send us an email  (YrekaCHP@gmail.com) with your name, address, email, and phone number along with the amount of money you are sending for either a basic member or Sponsor level and,

      2.  Click the donate button to submit the amount of your membership!