Thanks for Visiting!  Our first Google Camp in October 2013 was a HUGE success.  Please come see what we are up to for 
Google Camp 2.0 on March 1, 2014

Welcome to Camp!

  • Prepare to be inspired:  You will have many opportunities to see different ways in which you can use Google Apps for education in your role.  However, in one hour long sessions, facilitators may not be able to take you step by step through everything they share.  Many will have links to resources that can take you step by step through what they are sharing, and there are incredible resources developed by teachers around the world all over the web.  You'll likely want to adapt what you see to your own setting as well.
  • Prepare to get connected:  With over 500 teachers, administrators and support staff in attendance, try and connect with someone that you can learn from or learn with.  Our session leaders are people who have already volunteered to share how they're using Google Apps in their classrooms and there will be many more people in attendance who are already using Google Apps.  Consider joining our Google+ community to stay in touch with other campers, share your learning, and ask questions to a wider audience who are willing to help out.
  • Prepare to innovate:  Imagine new ways that you can use these tools to engage your students and work more efficiently.  When you walk away from YRDSB Google Camp, commit to trying one or two things in your classroom or role.  It might be a commitment as simple as personally trying to move away from your regular desktop editor to using Google Drive when you want to create a text document, or it might be as challenging as committing to use Google Forms for effective formative assessment purposes on a regular basis.  
  • Prepare to collaborate:  The biggest game changing feature in Google Apps for Education is the ability to collaborate.  Commit to trying to change your own attitude to how you work and learn by sharing with colleagues and students.  Try to get comfortable with giving up some control in order to become a genuine co-learner with your students.  Try to make a connection with someone that you can collaborate with, in your school, across the board, across the province, or around the world.  

Date:  Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Cost:  $25.00

Target Audience:  This conference is open to all YRDSB teachers and administrators. Teachers who find themselves the "technology go-to person" in their school or those who would like to improve collaboration amongst their staff will find this conference most valuable. 

Google Chrome Logo
For the best experience at YRDSB Google Camp, we recommend that you bring a laptop computer that has the Google Chrome web browser installed. If you need to install Google Chrome on a personal laptop computer, please click here. If you will be bringing a YRDSB laptop and cannot install Google Chrome, we recommend downloading and installing Google Chrome Portable. This will allow you to run Google Chrome from a memory stick.

Although there are many apps for tablet devices that work with Google Apps, using an iPad or Android tablet will not allow participants to get fully "hands-on" with Google Apps. Tablets may be appropriate as a secondary device.

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