This site has two purposes; the first is to help YRDSB staff and students connect to their Google Apps for Education Accounts.  The second is to provide a starting point for those looking for more resources and training to support the adoption of Google Apps for Education.

1. Getting Connected to Google Apps for Education

Access the YRDSB Google Apps for Education Sign On page at
https://google.yrdsb.ca or bookmark 
https://drive.google.com/a/gapps.yrdsb.ca/  in your browser.

YRDSB Staff and students now have access to Google Chrome and Firefox.  Look on your desktop for the icons below.
 Google Chrome is the best browser for using Google Apps for Education. Firefox is an acceptable alternative that works well with Google Apps for Education.
 Download Chrome or Chrome Portable to run on a memory stick. Download Firefox or Firefox 
 to run on a memory stick.