Clicking on the picture below will take you to the video tutorial for how to create a YRDSB Moodle.  Below the picture you will find other links to guide you in this process.

Creating a YRDSB Moodle

RDSB Resources

Setting Up a Course (PDF) (Flash) (Video) – Thank you YRDSB CRTs!  (You will need your YRDSB Username/Password to view these files)

Other Resources

Create Your Own Course – Moodle Docs Wiki

One of the best ways to get started in Moodle, is to use it as your own personal secure website.  Clicking on the screen below will take you to a Screencast for how to create your first webpage.  It will also show you how to add a link, and how to add a picture to your web page.

Creating a Webpage in Moodle

You should also check out these great tutorials for this topic:

Moodle Docs – Creating a Web Page

Inserting a Web Page – House of Tutorials

Composing a Text Page – YRDSB (similar to a web page)

Try it

(without worrying about messing any YRDSB stuff up)

Demo Moodle at