Interactive Websites

As teachers, we often feel like we are "reinventing the wheel".  One idea that makes a SmartBoard intimidating to some teachers is that you need to create every lesson that you use on it.  However, let's face it, on the internet, someone has likely already done it and shared it, and it's better than you could do on your own (especially starting out).  One of the quickest ways to start using a SmartBoard in your classroom is to make use of interactive websites.  Interactive websites are usually designed to be used on stand alone computers and may include game sites or virtual manipulatives.  Here are a few of my favourites.

If you don't actually have a SmartBoard or other interactive whiteboard in your classroom, a wireless mouse (and possibly keyboard) can go a long way to replicating the experience at a tiny fraction of the cost.  My wireless mouse reaches all corners of my classroom allowing any student to use an interactive activity from their own desk.

Interactive Tool Collections

Smart ExchangeThis is Smart Technology's site for teachers to exchange lessons that they've created using the SmartBoard and/or Smart Notebook.
Scholastic Whiteboard LessonsInteractive whiteboard lessons developed and curated by Scholastic.
National Library of Virtual ManipulativesThis is a fantastic site with all kinds of math manipulatives organized by grade and strand.
Academic Skill BuildersA variety of interactive games.
IlluminationsAnother great math site from the Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
PBSKids Interactive
Whiteboard Activities
PBS has a lot of great content and they've put all of their whiteboard activities on this page.
BBC BitesizeThis site has a wide variety of educational activities including games and tutorials.  Although the site is British, their KS1, KS2, KS3, and GSCE levels correlate roughly to our primary, junior, intermediate and senior levels.
GizmosGizmos has a wide variety of interactive tools for explaining math and science concepts.  YRDSB has an account, and you can get a username/password from your CRT.
EdHeadsEdheads has free online eductional games focused on science, math and critical thinking.
CrickwebA variety of activities organized much like the BBC Bitesize website.
ABCYaA variety of interactive activities sorted by grade level.
IXLMath activities by grade level.  
Math PlaygroundGreat, well organized math activities.
Teacher LEDA selection of Interactive Whiteboard activities.
InteractivateA math focused site with a lot of interactive tools.
ReadWriteThinkA great site for teachers with many interactive resources.  The only down side is that other than printing (or saving to PDF), there isn't any way to save things created with this site.  You can narrow down your search results by grade, subject, strand, and topic.
Thinkfinity InteractivesAnother strong site that compiles a variety of resources (including from ReadWriteThink).
Math Tool ChestA great interactive math site.
Mr. NussbaumA well organized educational games focused site.   Some of their activities can also be purchased for the iPad.
IWBInteractive Whiteboard Resources categorizes their tools and also includes PowerPoint and other files ideally suited to use on the SmartBoard.
Into The BookA reading comprehension resource.

Obviously there are thousands of interactive sites for education online.  You can use the links below to search out some popular ones.

Creating Interactive Applications

ClassTools.netQuickly create flash based games.
Jeopardy LabsCreate online Jeopardy Games quickly and easily.
Super Teacher ToolsAllows you to quickly create flash based activities.