Google Apps

YRDSB Resources

YRDSB Google Help Page (Does not require password)

Here are some of the resources that have been developed or are currently under development for the use of Google Apps in the YRDSB. Hopefully, we will build on these resources as we go through this process so that we can meet your needs and the needs of future users (both students and teachers).  The sites below all require you to use your YRDSB Google Apps or Moodle username and password.  If you aren't sure what these are, please visit the instructions for logging in your first time.

External Resources

Google Apps Documentation and Support - Training for Google Apps users in a variety of formats.

Google Apps for Education Training Center - Probably the most comprehensive and in depth training in the use of Google Apps. This is Google's homepage to train teachers and Google Apps administrators in the use of this product. They are the official resources used by those who are trying to complete their Google Apps for Education certification.

Ask the Gooru: Tips, Tricks & Tools for Gmail and Google Apps Users - A video tutorial site designed to help users learn to use the emerging and advanced features of Google Apps.

EdTechTeam Google Docs for Educators - There are a variety of handy resources and crib sheets with ideas and how-to's hosted on this site.

Free Technology For Teachers: Google Tutorials - A set of resources (presentations, ebooks, and videos) designed to support teachers in their integration of Google Apps in the classroom.

YouPD:  Quest for What Works - YouPD provides a variety of training resources and also host a variety of scripts that can be used with Google Apps to facilitate document management and other frequent activities.