There are two documents embedded on this page.  The first is a brief overview of Blogs.  The remaining document describes how to set up a public, class blog using Blogger.  There are many great services and options for setting up blogs, but the reason Blogger is listed here is because it is so easy to also allow parents/students/guardians/etc. to sign up to receive blog updates by email.  This means one less step for parents to find out what is happening in your classroom.

Introduction to Class Blogs

The document below describes how to set up Blogger using a modern internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)   Note that you can download the document and save it as a PDF or print it if you choose (be careful - it's are about 25 pages - because of all the screen shots - not because they are complicated).

Blogging 101

(Moderately) Advanced Embedding with

  • Embedding Files in your Class Blog with  This additional tutorial will help you engage your students/parents/guardians by embedding files such as rubrics and examplars that are in different formats such as PDF or MS Word on your blog, so that they can be seen readily, rather than following a link to view them.

Social Sharing Resources


  • Mr. Monahan’s Class Blog:  The blog I used before moving to the DLRT role.  Not all of the resource or links are up to date, but you can take a look and see how I really used it in my class.

  • Tutorial Demo Blog:  The blog I set up while writing the tutorials above.