I hope this site is useful and helps you develop your skills in integrating some of the great resources we have in YRDSB Schools.
The site is intended to be a location where resources that I use in workshops can be stored for access by participants, but it can also be used independently, or just to get ideas.  If you know you'd like a worksop or some individualized training for yourself or your class to help get you started down the pathway of digital literacy, taking a look around here at the resources I've already developed might help you out.

Many of the resources that you see are stored on this Google Site, but some are linked to sites that may be on the YRDSB Moodle Site or on the YRDSB Google Apps for Education domain which require a YRDSB username and password to access.

About Me

As a Digital Literacy Resource Teacher in the York Region District School Board, my primary role is to support teachers and students in the adoption of the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSAs) that will help them become digitally literate citizens.  In practice, it means that I get to share my passion for integrating digital tools into the classroom to support curriculum goals, engage learners and help them work more efficiently.  When working with teachers, students, and administrators, I try and match the desired learning outcomes with the available resources, skills and comfort level of the audience, so everyone who participates in a workshop feels that they can be independently successful.

I am excited about about the many ways in which the  effective use of new 
technologies and tools can impact our classrooms, but I feel that Google Apps for Education is currently the biggest "game changing" tool in education.  Collaboration becomes so easy, that it allows teachers to become co-learners with their students.  Students can also also benefit from the ease with which teachers and peers can give timely and effective feedback.  It's because of my belief in the impact of this anytime, anywhere, on any device collaboration that I recently became a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer.

I work in many settings, from one-to-one sessions with individual teachers, to small groups or whole staff sessions.  My work also involves co-planning and co-teaching with teachers who would like support while working with their students to introduce digital tools and learn to use them effectively and safely.

If you think that you'd like to have a workshop in your school, please fill out the form on the right side of the page.  If the topic you'd like to see addressed isn't there, feel free to suggest something.  There are literally thousands of ways to integrate technology into your practice and I'd love to help you be successful.

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