Children's choice literature award sponsored by the 
Pacific Northwest Library Association


is the oldest children's choice award in the U.S. and Canada.  The award was established in 1940 by a Seattle bookseller, the late Harry Hartman, who believed every student should have an opportunity to select a book that gives him or her pleasure. 
oung readers grades 4-12 in 
Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Alberta 
                    and British Columbia are eligible to vote!

New to YRCA--want to know more about the award and how to vote?    Keep reading! 


Promoting YRCA is easy and fun!  

  1. YRCA NOMINEES! Make sure that your library has the nominated titles available. You may already have most of them since all nominated books were published 3 years ago.  The current list of nominated titles are here.

2.  PROMOTE! Create a display of YRCA nominees or just have bookmarks whatever works best for your library and your young readers.   Please use any of the resources I have created to promote YRCA at your library!   
3. VOTE!  March 15th through April 15th
Give your young readers an opportunity to vote!  Ballots are here!

Tally votes for each title -- vote online (link will be available in March) or send your vote counts to:

LouAnne Krantz
Retired Teacher-Librarian
Montana YRCA Representative