Yingqi Jiang


Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


Objective: Seeking a full-time position on the following and related areas

l  MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)

l  Semiconductor/microfabrication process

l  Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology


University of California, Berkeley
Major: MEMS/Nano

PhD candidate in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Expected in June 2011

Advisor: Prof. Liwei Lin, Dissertation Topic: “Carbon Nanotube-based MEMS Energy Storage Devices

Minors in Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering


Tsinghua University, China
Major: Electrical Engineering

M.S. in the Institute of Microelectronics

July 2006

Thesis: “Process Study and Air-breathing Structure Design of Silicon-based µDMFCs Using MEMS Technology”

B.E. in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering

July 2003


l   Y.Q. Jiang, L. Lin, Microscale Planar Supercapacitors, and Methods of Making and Using the Same, US patent, Application No. 61/295,415, pending

l   X. H. Wang, Y.Q. Jiang, L.Y. Zhong, “Re-assemblable Micro Air-breathing Direct Methanol Fuel Cell and its Packaging Method”, Chinese patent, Application No. CN 200510086752.5

l   X. H. Wang, Y.Q. Jiang, L.Y. Zhong, “Micro Silicon-base Air-breathing Fuel Cell Electrode and its Manufacturing Method”, Chinese patent, Application No. CN 200510086751.0

l   X. H. Wang, L.Y. Zhong, Y.Q. Jiang, “Silicon-based Micro Fuel Cell Stack and its Manufacturing Method”, Chinese patent, Application No. CN 200710062899.X

Selected Honors and Prizes

l  Best paper award of Mar. 2010 IAB  [link]


l  Best poster award of Sept. 2009 IAB  [link]


l  Best poster award of Sept. 2008 IAB  [link]


        Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting:

         The IAB meeting is held by Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC) semi-annually with over 150 researcher participants across UC Berkeley. The awards are voted on by more than 60 industry representatives from over 30 industrial companies during IABs. Only about five out of the 150 researchers are awarded per time. Holding three awards, Yingqi has received second-most IAB awards among all the student participants within the past five years

l  Excellent M.S. Thesis Award, Tsinghua University


l  Third Class Prize (5th in 45), Agilent Cup Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology CFP Contest, held by Ministry of Education of China and Agilent Technologies [link]


45 elite competitors in a contest targeting top microelectronics-related universities in China.


l  Second Class Outstanding Freshman Award, Tsinghua University, Ranked 4th among more than 100,000 (underestimated) candidates in the National College Entrance Examination (Chinese equivalent of SAT) in Liaoning Province



l   8+ years microfabrication process with hands-on operation experience including bulk/surface micromachining, thin-film deposition/etching, lithography, and more

l   4+ years material characterization tool experience including probe stage, surface profiler, SEM, EDX, TEM, and more (three years)

l   8+ years electrochemical measurement and characterization tools such as potentiostat

l   EDA and computing tools: Cadence, Hspice, Matlab, HFSS, LEdit, C/C++, Origin

Selected Research Experience

MEMS Supercapacitor Using Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) (Pending Patent)

Sponsored by Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC)

 2008 Present

l  First reported the integration of CNT forest into MEMS-based supercapacitor

                 First ever publication on micro supercapacitor in IEEE MEMS international conference, the best conference in MEMS field.

l  Developed MEMS process to enable the growth of CNT on conductive substrate

l  Functionalized dense CNT forests with nickel nanoparticles using vacuum-pretreated electroplating

l  Obtained one order performance upgrade using Ni-functionalized pseudocapacitor

Synthesis and Characterization of CNT and its Sensing Applications

Sponsored by DARPA/Siemens

 2008 present

l  Developed standard protocols for CNT synthesis ranging from 2um to 2mm in height (used by four PhDs)

l  Designed multiple test devices to characterize contact and sheet resistances of CNT forests

l  Fabricated and tested glucose biosensors using oxygen plasma-enhanced CNT electrodes

l  Achieved a 0.5ppm resolution of NH3 gas sensing using CNT electrodes for a wide concentration range

High Aspect Ratio CNT-Si Core-shell Structure and its Diverse Applications

Collaborated with Prof. Clark Nguyen, EECS, UC Berkeley, sponsored by DARPA

 2009 Present

l  Fabricated folded-beam comb-driven resonator with a Q of 3,230 at 28kHz with the nanocomposite

l  Ongoing efforts to make high-aspect-ratio electrode for Li-ion batteries.

mm-wave Plastic Antenna Array for Vehicle Collision Prevention

Sponsored by Toyota Corp.

 2006 2008

l  Performed detailed 2×2 horn antenna array design simulation at 76.5GHz using HFSS®

l  Studied the influences of practical issues: temperature, surface roughness, assembly leakage, etc.

l  Developed hot embossing molding process for plastic low-cost plastic mm-wave antenna

MEMS-based Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (μDMFC) (Patents Issued)

Sponsored by China NSF

2002 2006

l  Designed, fabricated, and tested a silicon-based micro fuel cell using MEMS

l  Designed mechanical package holder of fuel cell for air-breathing cathode

l  Implemented a silicon-based micro fuel cell stack to increase energy density

Selected Publications

Conference Papers

l   Y.Q. Jiang, L. Lin, “Densely Packed Carbon Nanotube Forest by Mechanical Press and Liquid Densification”, Transducers’11, Beijing, China, to be held on Jun 5-9, accepted as oral presentation.

l   Y.Q. Jiang, P. Wang, et al., “Contact and Sheet Resistances of Carbon Nanotube Forest in Gas Sensing Applications”, IEEE MEMS’11, Cancun, Mexico, Jan 23-27, 2011
IEEE MEMS is the best international conference on MEMS with consistently low acceptance rate of one-third only.

l   Y.Q. Jiang, P. Wang, et al., “3D Supercapacitor Using Nickel-electroplated Vertical Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array Electrode”, IEEE MEMS’10, Hong Kong, China, Jan 24-28, 2010

l   Y.Q. Jiang, Q. Zhou, and L. Lin, “Planar MEMS Supercapacitor Using Carbon Nanotube forests”, IEEE MEMS’09, Sorrento, Italy, Jan 25-29, 2009

l   Y.Q. Jiang, M. Q. H. Zhang, et al., “Activation of CNT Nano-to-Micro Contact via Electrical Breakdown”, IEEE MEMS’08, Tucson, Arizona, USA, Jan. 13-17, 2008

l   Y.Q. Jiang, X.H . Wang, et al., "Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Silicon-based Air-breathing Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell", PowerMEMS'05, Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 28-29, 2005

l   Y.Q. Jiang, X.H. Wang, et al., "A Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Using PDMS Assembly Technology", The 13th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (Transducers'05), Seoul, Korea, Jun. 5-9, 2005

Journal Papers

l   Y.Q. Jiang, X.H.Wang, L.Y. Zhong, et al., "Design, fabrication and testing of a silicon-based air-breathing micro direct methanol fuel cell", J. Micromech. Microeng., 16(2006), pp.s233-s239

l   Y.Q. Jiang, X.H. Wang, L.Y. Zhong, et al., "An Air-breathing Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell with 3-D KOH-etched Cathode Structure", Chinese Journal of Semiconductor, 27(2006), pp.478-481

l   Y.Q. Jiang, X.H. Wang, X.P. Qiu, et al., "Applications of PDMS Assembly Technology to Silicon- based Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell", China Mechanical Engineering, 2005, 16(14), pp.1303-1306 (in Chinese)


l  Prof. Liwei Lin (PhD advisor)

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Co-Director, Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center, UC Berkeley


Tel: 1-(510) -643-5495

l  Prof. Xiaohong Wang (M.S. advisor)

Associate professor of the Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University, China


Tel: 8610-62789151ext317

l  Prof. Chen Yang (Fellow colleague during master and PhD)

Associate Professor, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem And Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai, China


TEL: 8610-62511070 ext5585


Yingqi Jiang,
Mar 7, 2011, 6:40 AM