all about google's tech

They all say google is cool, so why?

1. google's map
1.1 a "hello, world" test from google. click here

2. google's desktop. 

3. google's mail.

4. google's talk.
    08152006 XMPP vs SIP (see below)

5. google's dictionary
how to put it in gargets?

6. google's trends
 we can use it to "discover". It has functions of data-mining or "Intelligence".
 e.g. from the following map, we know in embedded area, it's very bright to go voip. 

              qnx    vxworks    lynxos    voip   

n. to be continues...

Microsoft unveils unified communications platform
Office Communications Server 2007 package, which is a SIP-based platform that will allow seamless Mail, VoIP calling, videoconferencing,available in desktop, web-based, and mobile flavors.
Cisco Unified Communications Changes Everything?
(don't forget to watch the online video about the CUC)
Essentially, Cisco Systems, embracing of SIP, unveiled the Cisco Unified Communications system, which is a new suite of voice, data and video products and applications specifically designed to help organizations of all sizes to communicate more effectively.
--- How Linux means to Cisco? Is it the base of its NG OS and APP framework?
Google Talk marks first year with upgrade
"We are investing in a real-time communications platform. Google Talk is the first instance of that," said Mike Jazayeri, a Google Talk product manager. Not SIP but XMPP. Google is already interoperable with services that use the open XMPP, or "Jabber," chat standard, he said.

Why Google 

Why Google Sorry About the English style writing, because I am in Linux now and the chinese-input system is not properly configed on my newly installed gentoo system. (oh, when can we get the real chinese linux system, not badly clone or Han-ized[Pinyin - Hanhua] but just good enough for display and input, maybe wait until we retire and have time to build it :-)

Because I developed mail-system, so I am mostly considering about how Gmail is setup. from the upper link, we can see:

  • 1. google is initially blow up from searching, that is a hard-enter area cause it need the most complex and hardly understandable algorithms. - those form its core-secret, nobody can easily copy or clone.

  • 2. It then build up search-appliance software-hardware(for sale) to maintain its living. and meantime develop the advertising system to struggle its fate from living to extending.

  • 3.while doing these work, it resolves 2 main problems(maybe more from other aspects):
  • 3.a. distributed storage system. (Google file system)
  • 3.b. distributed memory-cached system. (Google cache system - it's my guess :-)  3.a resolves permanent storage, 3.b resolves temporary storage for quick user response.(it may has the 3rd problem: update information and discard unused and out-of-date pages)

  • 4. extend its core to other areas. for example: we can see it has people from "Cyrus IMAP", so we can guess: someguy who had developed Cyrus went to google, someday, he suddenly got an idea: why not change the method of accessing pages from HTTP to POP/IMAP, what's in mail is just all of about storage! so with the help of other guys who expertised with after-called AJAX tech, they successfully built up a brand new mail system called Gmail.

So the story give us a lesson: focus on your distinguished talent and extend it to other areas, you can create new exciting things and may bring you freedom :-)

(An article from my pre-blog 2006-05-19)