Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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Cast List for our family-friendly version of Pericles, Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare  

Emma Akio –1st Sailor of Pentopolis; Cancan dancer

Nigel Akio - 1st Pirate; 1st Lord of Pentopolis

Julia Aronow – Lord Cerimon, physician sage in Ephesus; Cancan dancer

Ethan Baker – Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Tabitha Baker – Mawd, Dance Hall Mistress

Malek Benedict-Blue – 4th Sailor of Pentapolis; Tyrian Sailor

Oliver Bowman – 3rd Sailor of Pentapolis; Myteline Sailor; Messenger

Tobi Breuer – Antiochus, King of Antioch

Kaili Brooks- daughter of Antiochus, Princess of Antioch; Cancan dancer

Maika Brooks- 1st Knight, football hero; Old Cancan dancer

Cara Clark – Cleon, Governor of Tarsus; Cancan dancer

Penelope Cotera – 2nd Knight, Science Geek; Old Cancan dancer

Lydia Cotner – 3rd Knight, Antioch vampire; Old Cancan dancer

Remy Darnell – Thaisa, wife to Pericles; Cancan dancer

Owen Day – 2nd Pirate; 2nd Lord of Pentopolis

Riley Day – 3rd Pirate; 3rd Lord of Pentopolis

Sylvia Gravel – Diana, the goddess; Cancan dancer

Lydia Hill Bruns – 3rd Fisherman; 1st Lord of Tyre; Cancan dancer

Beverly Hensley – Lysimachus, Governor of Mytilene

Lily Hensley – 2nd Fisherman; 3rd Lord of Tyre; Cancan dancer

Rebecka Hensley – Panini, Dance Hall Proprietor

Alice Johns – Escanes, Statesman in Tyre; Cancan dancer

Atticus Kurkjian – Dolt, Servant to Panini and Mawd

Tobias Malayang – Thaliard, Courtier / Assassin for Antiochus; First Gentleman of Ephesus at Dance Hall

Jada McCarthy – 4th Knight, Self-absorbed Preppie; Old Cancan dancer

Alethea Phillips – Marina, daughter of Pericles

Zakiah Phillips – Gower; Poet; Narrator; Cancan dancer

Theo Proefrock – Leonine, Assassin for Dionyza; Second Gentleman of Ephesus at Dance Hall

Kelsi Rogala – Helicanus, Statesman of Tyre; Cancan dancer

Vivian Satwicz – Lychorida, Nurse to Thaisa then Marina; Cancan dancer

Ariel Stasser-Gonzalez – 1st Fisherman; 2nd Lord of Tyre

Regina Stasser-Gonzalez – Dionyza, wife to Cleon of Tarsus

Joy Swanson – 5th Knight, Bookworm; Old Cancan dancer

Haleigh White – Simonides, King of Pentopolis; Cancan dancer

Leyla Williams – 2nd Sailor of Pentopolis; Cancan dancer

to be re-cast - Philemon, servant to Cerimon