Motion Charts

Check out the Ted Video on the following Motion Charts:

    The above graphics is all run from my google pages. I copied the original data to a spreadsheet

Data Sign in link:

Data Publish link:        

Writing to Spreadsheet programatically :

      Then added a Google Motion Chart Gadget to the spread sheet
      How to:
      How to:
This is a nice implementation of the software, I look forward to it becoming more than just a Google gadget available on iGoogle. For people struggling to use it, just create a spreadsheet like this one which I've published in Google Docs (it just contains random data from Excel, nothing interesting!): Note that if you're going to put it in Google Docs then once you've uploaded it you will have to publish it as a web page otherwise the gadget won't be able to access it (hopefully Google will fix that so at least you can see it yourself if it's in your Google Docs) You should be able to see the gadget working if you just copy my spreadsheet URL from above into the gadget URL setting. Note the column headings "bubble name" and "time" have to be there, and your first row of data has to be the column names. It is possible that "time" has to be four digit years - I haven't experimented with it though. The other variables are entirely up to you and depend on what you want to plot. As well as the required "bubble name" and "time" I have created the variables "X", "Y", "size" and "group". The gadget seems like it's clever enough to know that I want X on the x-axis, Y on the Y-axis, size to be used for the size of the bubbles and group to be used for the color of the bubbles. However once you're in the chart you can use the drop-down menus to use different variables for different things. Hope that helps! I highly recommend watching Hans Rosling's TED presentations, as well as showing the power of this software and graphical representation of data, the socio-economic issues he is presenting are very interesting. You can find them on or through his own website
     But you don't need the google gadget nor a spreadsheet. You can do it all on your website (albeit with a download of google visualization API)
             Motion Chart with code and data on my web site
    Example on TCP data

     Motion Chart API

     Chart Code examples

      Visual API Reference