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visual interests of late

static image with java script

The finance.yahoo.com is a good example of nice Flash usage, http://tinyurl.com/29at9ax

Tableau - looks quite intesting - look forward to checking out 

I'm interested in motion as it's one of the lesser explored axis of analytic data visualization. Motion  captures the attention, provides more perspecitves and can invite investigation of the data pulling the user in.
Motion also provides feedback and can trick users into thinking things are proceeding faster in the software than they are. The software can drawing things onto the screen seeming to progress while actually it is waiting for a connection to a datasource and or bring in data to the interface. Showing non informational movement might seem like a cheap trick but it can provide feedback - that the application is progressing, provide infomation about hidden fields or interface interaction possibilities. 

Google's Visualization API - This stuff gets me excited.
         I love the idea of being able to display interactive graphics on data accessible on the web anywhere.
in general jazzed about Googles data visualization because of both the hosting aspect (though I wish they had the option of choosing where to host it - right now it's only hosted by google themselves) and browser access and the interface via JSON with databases
I think motion charts have issues because they, at least in the examples I've seen, require narrative. They aren't self explanatory, but they are cool.

Wondering though if there are other applications for motion charts. On concept that is hard for me to track in my brain is the changing depth of field in a photos with changing lens MM, fstop and distance from subject. Basically we have 4 varialbles
    depth of field (how deep from the focal point is also in focus)
    lens MM
    distance from subject
quick hack using Googles Motion Chart widget and Depth of Field values
Compare DOF at different distances for different lenses at different fstops
the slider is the fstop - complete hack because slider is suppse to be a date, so I use the year 1000 plus the fstop * 10, ie f.14 is 1014, f5.6 is 1056

so the black trail above is the depth of field  (in feet) increasing from f1.4 to f5.6
on the 50mm at 2 meters 

 Cute typeface story with happy ending

 I'm so use to finger pointing and "they are so supid" and "can't do it that way" that a simple "user interface" story with a quick and happy ending is refreshing!

Information is Beautiful