Healthcare Industry Examples

Brand Channels offer a home for your brand on YouTube, with full control over your content.  From interface design support to paid media programs, your YouTube/Google team will be dedicated to ensuring your brand presence on YouTube is well executed and seen by the right audience.

Custom & Advanced Brand Channels, and Basic Brand Channels with Gadgets

Johnson & Johnson 
- Heart On My Sleeve (Realize Band)
Using ThisMoment technology, J&J followed one woman's weight loss journey with Realize Band. Tracy, the patient, created vlogs, featured on the channel, as well as blog entries, and posted regular Facebook and Twitter updates, which were all pulled into the social stream gadget below the customized video player.

Johnson & Johnson - Zyrtec Parks Unleashed
Parks Unleashed is a first-of-its-kind gaming experience on YouTube, using flash overlays, 360 video and live-action content, where you can explore the park, play games, and "find the loot." Prizes include $10 gift cards from Amazon and Samsung Galaxy tablets (273 Tabs are up for grabs!).

MedImmune - FluMist 
The FluMist brand channel capitalizes upon the seasonality behind flu vaccine offerings, using YouTube as a platform to reach patients, parents and HCPs searching for information. The goal of the campaign is to drive intent for parents and caregivers to request the FluMist nasal spray vaccine from their doctor; thus the "Pick Your Nose" branding. The brand channel features a facts page, parent/patient/doctor videos and informational sign up page.

Novartis - ADHDLiving
Focalin XR brand channel.

Novartis - Excedrin
Comedic videos featuring Zach Woods and a gadget with promotional offers for suite of Excedrin products. 

Pfizer - Corporate Channel
This YouTube channel was the first brand channel for Pfizer. After having some corporate videos posted on a user channel, the company upgraded to a brand channel to make them more discoverable with supporting media. Pfizer corporate highlights ResponsibilityNews and Innovation as their video topics. From patient stories, to international relief efforts, to experts in the field, the goal is to convey the spirit of the company and showcase all they do.

Pfizer - RAConversations 
Pfizer and Amgen's co-promoted brand channel for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis.

Pfizer - Viagra Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative
A channel that shows Pfizer's efforts to stop the global proliferation of pharmaceutical counterfeiting. It sheds light on a serious issue facing the healthcare industry.

Sanofi Aventis 
Sanofi Aventis' corporate channels, in English and French. 

Sunovion - Lunesta
The Lunesta Sleep channel was created as a lightly branded channel with the goal of educating consumers about their sleep habits.  The channel features a custom gadget that includes a sleep calculator, sleep diary, talk to your HCP guide, sleep tips and medication guide. There are also coupons, relaxation tunes and patient testimonials on the channel. 

Teva - Plan B
GetARealPlan puts a humorous spin on a serious subject - contraception failure. The short, memorable videos on this Brand Channel promote Plan B, Teva's over-the-counter emergency contraceptive. A custom gadget allows users to test their contraception knowledge with a "Misconceptions about Conception" quiz.

Basic Brand Channels

Allergan - Restasis

Bayer - YourLife.com
Bayer Schering in Berlin uses YouTube for a health awareness campaign for World Contraception Day, Sept 26th, 2009.

Genentech - Corporate

GlaxoSmithKline - alli 
The How Healthy Works channel teaches people how to live a healthy, happier life through alli's comprehensive weight loss program.

Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue
Johnson & Johnson's Acuvue 1-Day ran its first contest on YouTube this year (contest is over). This contest asked users "What Will You Do One Day? Tell Us in a Short Video".  Contestants could win a day of mentoring in LA with a celebrity mentor (incl. Joe Jonas and Charice) and scholarships. The video with the most fan votes wins $2,000. The channel lives on after the contest, with helpful info about wearing contact lenses as well as all the historical video content.

Johnson & Johnson - &You
J&J's nonprofit channel.

Johnson & Johnson - Johnson's Baby Channel
This brand channel is a community where mothers can interact with each other, find expert advice and tips from baby care experts and fellow moms, and submit videos of playful bonding moments with their babies. Previously it has hosted two "Big Bubblin' Stars Contests" inviting Moms to send in their cutest baby bubble bath video for a chance to win $10,000. 

Johnson & Johnson - Listerine Mouth Versus Life

Originally developed in the United Kingdom, this channel vividly demonstrates the damage we're doing when we put the wrong things in our mouths. Uses humor to get viewers to reconsider the importance of mouth health and the role of Listerine.

Johnson & Johnson - Love Your Look (Mentor Health)

Mentor Health's breast augmentation commercials.


Johnson & Johnson - Neutrogena

Neutrogena brings its commercial assets to YouTube.


Johnson & Johnson - Realize Band

The first medical device brand channel on YouTube with a direct-to-consumer message.  The channel includes patient testimonials, procedure and method of action details and expert opinions and also incorporated content from the Heart on My Sleeve Channel when it launched.


Eli Lilly - Corporate Channel
The corporate brand channel for Eli Lilly has a subtitle "for Better Health". The channel provides an environment where the company can house corporate communication and health education videos.

Novartis - Corporate Channel
This YouTube channel was the first pharma corporate brand channel. The channel houses videos about innovation, corporate citizenship, working at Novartis, patient stories, TV ads, and executive presentations.  The goal is to target several audiences, including investors, potential employees, lobbyist, patients and policy makers. The channel was developed by Novartis' PR agency.   

Pfizer - ChapStick 
Chapstick ran the "Sing Your Love" contest, which encouraged brand lovers to express their passion for ChapStick by putting it into song to compete for a grand prize of $5,000. The channel remained live after the contest with historical video content.

Pfizer - Health Channel
A channel that allows Pfizer to share health information in multiple areas. Currently features patient-focused videos on Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Smoking Cessation, and Hemophilia

UCSF Memory & Aging Center Channel for Neurodegenerative Diseases
This channel provides patients, caregivers and health professionals with videos that are intended to educate them about the various forms of neurodegenerative diseases. The goal of the channel is twofold: promote earlier, accurate diagnoses -- in order get more patients into research studies and clinical trials; and to help families cope with these devastating illnesses.

Premium Content Partners

YouTube partners are independent video creators and media companies who are looking for online distribution and who meet our content qualifications.  Partners regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.  For more information please visit YouTube.com/partners.
The Doctor's Channel
Video content by doctors, for doctors.

Dr. Ruth
The famous sexologist is uploading her old TV shows and answers user questions via video on YouTube. 

Johnson & Johnson Health Channel
The Johnson & Johnson channel features weekly on topics such as obesity & gastric bypass, diet & nutrition and Chron's disease, to promote a better understanding of health issues.  Several of the health information videos posted were created by current NBC News Chief Medical Editor Nancy Snyderman during her tenure with J&J.

Johnson & Johnson BabyCenter

Johnson & Johnson's BabyCenter created the channel to engage moms and soon to be moms with video content they had around baby delivery, newborn care and labor.  Traffic is driven to the channel through sponsored video links in the search results on YouTube.com using sponsored video ads.  


User Channels

User Channels offer a home for your brand on YouTube. User Channels can be created by any member of the YouTube community but have fewer branding options and safety levers than Brand Channels.  Learn more about how to drive traffic to a user channel using promoted video ads: https://ads.youtube.com/

Allergan - Lap-Band

The Lap-Band user channel provides user testimonials alongside information from professionals.  Some of the videos showcased feature advantages/benefits analysis, risk consideration and an explanation of how the device works. The page provides educational information that a potential patient could review and discuss with a doctor. 


Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Channel

The Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate user channel is a great example of using all brand insights.  The playlists have largely condition specific videos (i.e. diabetes, COPD, Parkinson's) and healthcare professionals speaking on each.  The channel provides a strong balance between man on the street interviews, patient testimonials and educational materials provided by professionals and puts the abundant video assets in the hands of the consumers. 


British Medical Journal
This channel showcases videos created for the BMJ, an international general medical journal, published weekly in print and updated daily online.

Food and Drug Administration
The FDA's channel is set up to protect the public health by providing information on human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation's food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA also uses this channel to advance the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines and foods more effective, safer, and more affordable; and helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to improve their health.

Genentech - Flu Facts

The  weekly Novartis' unbranded user channel offers helpful tips on how to avoid spreading the flu.


GlaxoSmithKline Corporate Channel

Corporate channel set up to provide local health program video information, as well as video information on careers at GSK.


Lung Cancer Alliance
This channel serves as a space for advocates, sufferers, caregivers and supporters of people with lung cancer to post notes and view updates from the organization.  It includes PSA announcements from celebrity spokespeople like Troy Aikman and Deborah Morosini, MD, sister of Dana Reeve who died of lung cancer.  

Janssen ADHD

Janssen HIV

Jenny Craig
Jenny's channel houses all their celebrity content, commercials, and videos on general weight loss tips.

Johnson & Johnson - OneTouch
Videos on managing and living well with diabetes.

Johnson & Johnson - Animas 

The InsuLivin' user channel from J&J provides a place for diabetes sufferers to learn more about Animas and the OneTouchPing.  


Johnson & Johnson - Clean & Clear  

This J&J skin care brand appeals to the young adult demo with a user channel on YouTube.  


Johnson & Johnson - Skin ID 

Johnson & Johnson capitalizes on the skin health and beauty information seeking population on YouTube and uses the channel as a means to drive sales to www.skinid.com.  Traffic is driven to the channel through sponsored video links in the search results on YouTube.com using sponsored video ads.


Johnson & Johnson - Splenda

"America's favorite no calorie sweetener" has its own user channel on YouTube. 


Johnson & Johnson - Tylenol

Novartis - Faces of MBC
Novartis' video initiatives around Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

OR Live
ORLive.com's live surgical video channel features content from leading hospitals, academic institutions, and affiliated medical schools.  Viewers have the ability to email questions direct to the operating room for an on-camera response by some of the world's top physicians. 

Pfizer Fibro Center

Pfizer's unbranded user channel for sufferers of fibromyalgia drives viewers to fibrocenter.com, an unbranded website. The user channel features the TV creative as well as tips for healthy living and condition management suggestions. The main video spokespeople are a fibromyalgia sufferer and Rhonda Britten, life coach.  


Psoriasis Foundation
The National Psoriasis Foundation's YouTube channel is dedicated to educating, serving and empowering people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The mission is to improve the quality of life of people who have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis through education and advocacy and to promote awareness and understanding.

Weight Watchers
Celebrity content, commercials, and weight management & lifestyle tips. This channel has tons of content organized into playlists.

Brand and User Channels that are not currently live

Johnson & Johnson - Concerta (DRUG OFF PATENT)

Concerta's channel is dedicated to helping ADHD children and their families manage the everyday challenges of ADHD.  The channel offers information about the condition, personal stories about living with ADHD and information about the benefits of treatment with Concerta.


Novartis - Excedrin Express Gels (PLANNING CHANNEL REFRESH)

This branded contest, the $15k Speed Challenge, invited users to make a short, creative video about an amazing feat of speed.  The idea was to promote the fact that Extra Strength Excedrin Express Gels provides headache relief that begins in just 15 minutes.


Sanofi Aventis - WhyInsulin (PLANNING UNBRANDED CHANNEL)
This unbranded YouTube effort highlights patient testimonials and their journeys with insulin use. You can follow the two patients, Arturo and Shanee, as they live and monitor their condition. Each patient's playlist includes video content ranging from diagnosis to treatment to advising others. The channel also has links to a meal planning guide and a Myth vs.Reality game. 

Meda Pharmaceuticals - Astelin

Meda created this branded user channel promoting prescription Astelin nasal spray, which asks users to submit their story via video while also holding their Astelin bottle. Prescribing Information is outlined in the 'description box' adjacent to the feature video.

This video was posted by AstraZenaca as a response to an article published in Men's Health magazine titled, "8 Drugs Your Doctor Wouldn't Take."  The goal of the video is to provide patient safety information on AstraZeneca products.  

NY Department of Health

Richard Daines, the physician who runs the New York State Health Department, uses YouTube to make an argument for a proposed "obesity tax" in New York.