How To Activate Canada/US?

  • To unlock YouTube, go to your device's settings and look for the activation code.

  • Open a tab on your device or cell phone and go to

  • Log in with the same credentials you used to sign in to the YouTube app on your smartphone.

  • Type in the code that appears on your computer.

  • Tap Next and wait for the app's confirmation screen.

Use to learn how to activate YouTube on your mobile device Canada/US. Apple TV, PlayStation, and Xbox all have native apps. YouTube applications are available on most Smart TVs, Roku, and other streaming media devices.

YouTube Activation – A Step-By-Step Picture Guide Canada/US

  1. On your TV or other computer, Open the YouTube app (Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.).

2.Select the "Sign In" icon with the remote.

3.Go to on a smartphone or desktop browser and enter the activation code that appears on your computer screen in the box on the website.

4.To agree to YouTube's terms of service, click "Allow" after entering the code.

5.When you approve, the app should display a confirmation screen.

6.You can now return to your device and watch YouTube videos.