Mission Not Impossible:

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The Youth Voice Initiative is a social welfare organization which authors and lobbies the innovative and groundbreaking laws we need to protect children from the dangers that arise from abuse and take away the tools for child predators who conspire to commit crimes against children, as well as the growing problem of domestic violence against men and fathers, as well as other abuses against our children. We also gather support for these laws and build awareness to the problems that inspire them.

Youth Voice Initiative is a registered 501c4 non-profit corporation.

Our Primary Objective:

Protecting Children from ALL forms of Abuse
Our goals are to increase awareness and education for abuse prevention as well as to petition and sponsor legislation to make it more difficult for predators to continually offend and get off with minimal punishment. We have determined that legislation should be in place to ensure that these predators receive appropriate punishments rather than escaping through loopholes. Additionally, we further hope to encourage victims to seek counseling and seek organizations to form alliances with to provide survivor support, creative outlets and other services.

Founder's Statement:

The purpose and mission of Youth Voice Initiative is to give a voice to the countless number of children who daily become victims of child predators. These predators use every tool and deception possible to prey on their innocence. The problem has become increasingly larger and the existing laws are manipulated in a way that allows these predators to repeatedly victimize children.

We believe that all children have a basic right to have their safety and innocence protected so that they may grow into confident, mature and productive adults. The Youth Voice Initiative is here to bring legislation to ensure that child safety comes first, as a society who doesn't cherish children have higher crime rates. The time is now to protect our children.

We are a new, brave and bold organization where backing down from dangerous criminals is not a choice. It will not be easy or quickly accomplished since these pedophiles have created a multi-billion dollar industry out of the exploitation and abuse of children. It is therefore with great determination and dedication that we will undertake the task of dismantling their operations and provide justice for the victims.

For more information, or to volunteer, please email us at lika.yvi@gmail.com

Board Members

Heidi Hoefler - Administrator
Courtney Schoen - Issues Manager
Lika - Founder/Lobbyist
Barb Caffrey - Editor/General
Tressa Stein - Issues Director
O'Brien Gierach - Board Member
Sara Frazier - Event/Fundraiser

We are always looking to expand our scope. If you have ideas about protecting abused children, please get involved, and help push your direction!

Donor Appreciation
Kris Hurley
Kari Hay
Stacy Ross
Ping Fong
Chris Eckert
Serene Wright
Jenny L.

YVI's Member Volunteers

Red Butler - Advocate/GAL


Elizabeth - Child Advocate/Protector


Patrick Dati


Trevor Jung


Serene Wright


Supporting Organizations and Professionals
Children Without a Voice, USA


Micheal Skinner Music


Survivor Archive Project


National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

About the Founder Lika Saliscente

I am a survivor of abuse on many different levels. As a person who has not only survived but also thrived, I wanted to ensure that I passed the strength along by becoming a voice for the abused. I looked into many things, and found numerous awareness programs, and while they are good & worthy programs, it wasn't quite calling me so much. I also enjoyed being a crisis counselor at the local shelter.

I have always been an activist towards equal rights and been a firm protector of children, so it wasn’t going to be hard to come up with an idea of where to start. In college, I loved being a student lobbyist to fight for women's rights. I really missed it. I had helped pass a Wisconsin bill for equal pay for equal work, as well as another one to render the attire of a rape victim as inadmissible against the victim in the court of law. On the federal level, I helped contribute a little bit to the Violence Against Women Act of 1993, and then to ensure the passage of that.

I felt empowered, knowing that my voice and passion went to actually make something happen for possible victims to keep from being victimized. Observing the amount of sexual crimes that happen on the internet, I felt that there should be something done about this to be a better deterrent against online predators. With the help of a friend, we came up with the name “Youth Voice Initiative”, for my cause.

The idea was to be a lobbyist so I could talk directly to the legislators to show my passion, drive, and undying concern for children who cant fend for themselves. People who write in to legislators do make a difference, but there is nothing more compelling than being face to face with that eye contact, and the enthusiasm in my voice that sells my total belief in my agenda.

The most convincing way of getting a bill to be considered is through petitions and so I knew I had to not only hit the pavement, but I also needed to get my petition for any laws I wanted to pass, in a high exposure area. What better way than the internet where the predators are doing their heinous crimes? Just my presence there can make a possible offender think about what he is doing and reconsider, thereby saving another child from being preyed on. Stopping sexual crimes against children or adults is something the majority of humankind agree on, to instill quality of life, and a better future for us all.

I conducted much research and compiled a list of all of the things I would need to start YVI and be fully legal and operational. It seemed a little pricey to get things started but when compared to the well being of our children or other victims, it was a “drop in a bucket”, of value. YVI’s mission is to lobby any laws that will protect anybody (though especially focused toward children) from abuse, sexual or otherwise, and to stiffen the penalties towards those offenders