Youth Leadership Davis

Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter Internship

Apply now for 2018-19! Applications Due October 2, 2018.

Come to an information session!
Sunday September 23 at 12:00pm noon and again at 4pm at Davis Community Church
or Wednesday September 26 at 2:40pm at the Davis Library.

Youth Leadership Davis (Davis, CA) equips high school students to be community leaders through hands-on experience, skill building and reflection. The core of the YLD experience is on-site operation of Davis' Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter (IRWS). As preparation for that work, students are trained in shelter operations. They learn about mental health and addiction. They build important interpersonal skills. They learn about the root causes of homelessness, and have opportunities to develop and carry out other community service. Through YLD, students confront vexing and controversial issues of our day and in so doing they develop a better grasp of social systems, human behavior, and their own convictions. They reflect and deepen their experience through thoughtful conversation and compassionate listening.

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