Youthizer - Tools and Tips To Remain Youthful In Body, Spirit, and Mind

Youthize Tips

Youthize Tip 1

Early, or at least at the same time to bed every night gives your body a rhythm it craves in order to keep being restorative.

Youthize Tip 2

Early to eat, meaning only to eat fruit after 5:00 P.M., is the easiest way to keep extra pounds away, and also the way to allow your body optimal time to heal and renew, rather than forcing it to digest constantly.

Youthize Tip 3

Balance in all emotions helps you stay youthful, meaning to quell excess energy wasted in negative feelings, stopping instead to breathe deeply, close your eyes for a few seconds, and remember that nothing you're reacting to at the moment will matter in a year from now.