Youthful Attributes

Would you agree that enthusiasm tops the list of youtful attributes?
And easily-invoked air of enjoyment, a care-freeness, and an engaging sense of discovery are among the list we're compiling of very do-able attitudes to adopt in order to stay, or even to regain, youthfulness.

Just as our bodies are more supple when young, so are our attitudes.
And, just like when we'd like to go out and feel hot, we can adopt, and adapt to, moods that are transformative - as we feel and act, so we appear to others!

We'll be adding to our list of youthful attributes, attitudes, and stances, mind-sets and activites as we go along.

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Sweetness is the most youtful aspect of all.
Retaining one's childish love, caring, and innocence is the very key to youthfulness.