Veganize To Stay Young

Vegan Foods Are Delicious, Delectable, Delightfully Sensual!

Think of it!

A clear glass bowl filled with ripe, juicy fruit - colorful, in season, just picked, and fragrant!

The reds, purples, bright yellows and oranges of passionfruit, plums, mangos, of bananas and grapes, of starfruits, sliced and looking so beautiful! 

Think of the glistening of the fruit in full sunlight, while lounging next to the sea, the moist breezes bringing the perfumes of the gorgeous trees and vines directly past your open mouth as you delight in the gifts of our planet!

Go to the health food store, or wherever you can buy some organic fruits, and buy an armful!

Take them home and assemble them into, say, a breakfast, and see how much better you feel by eating what our bodies actually crave - our senses wouldn't be so involved and seduced by the beauty of the fruit if we weren't meant to eat them!

Along with all the other health reasons, indulge your senses today and just experiment!

Just have green tea along with it, or even better - plain water, perhaps with lemon juice from a fresh lemon!

Start with this, and alter your fruit selections next time.

Replace this meal with dinner, too, and see what happens!

Allow the fruit to intoxicate you with their natural aromas, their beauteous vivid colorings, and be thankful to the trees and vines that gave you these gifts far greater than gold.

Bring the original Garden back into your life, into your home, and into your body, and you will energize, beautifize, and youthize!

Do it! 

It's GOOD for you!