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Youth Mermaid's Sea

Youth Mermaid

The fountain of youth has been found !

Eureka !

It�s flows out of a beautifully clean spirit, through the intention 
to be kind, finding its� way to veganism, and to good works, and then, 
voila � beauty, youth, vigor and great fortune is yours !

Follow the stream to tthe foundtain, and find the ways to Youthize with YouthMermaid, as she 
gives you tips along the way.

YouthMermaid Youthizing Tip 1

After you�ve swum through VeganMermaid�s Sea, please come and 
use this tip to find a more youthful you.

 Ignore all you�ve been taught about what you should be or do at whatsoever 

It�s useless. It�s stupid. It�s ignorant.

 It�s full of spite and envy and has nothing to do with reality.

Discard old ways of thinking o n your route to Youthizing.

This is first.

You are who you are, and no o ne has any right to either know, be told, or 
to ask your age.

Ageism is akin to racism and all isms that seek to categorize and demean 

 You are from now o n going to forget your age.

It is a fact not worth knowing.

The other animals in the wild have the advantage that they�re not biased 
in any way � they merely sniff, look at each other, and away they go, 
if they�d like to. In fact - strangers walking down the street have this advantage. Why shouldn't you, too ?

The other species in the animal kingdom have much to teach us humans.They love each other as they are � the way your own pets do � 
and societal prejudices are not a factor in their lives.

Don�t you deserve the same ?
Throw out the shame !

 All of us will, if , and o nly if we�re lucky enough � know someday 
what ageism feels like.
The alternative to numerical advancing is, of course, death.

 But � in order to Youthize, first we must set our minds, free ourselves 
from ageism and discrimination, and then take a fresh look in the mirror � 
free of any preconceived concepts of numbers or time or what others might 

This assessment should be an all-over look.

Pretend you�ve just seen yourself for the first time. 

And - this is crucial - give yourself full approval for all you see just the way it is.
Yes. Even though we're going to find ways to improve everything you'd like changed,
the first step in Youthizing is to learn to love yourself just the way you are - 
and more - to accept responsibility for how you look - for all those extra helpings, 
for those days in the sun, for the stress and worry, for putting yourself last in 
your lists of chores, for everything.
And, tell yourself, just the way you are - that you're fine. You're beautiful.
You're wonderful.

Learn to do this every day.
And - most importantly - have the courage not o nly to change your own mind-set - forbid those around you from mentioning age, categories, or other concrete-setting old ways of thinking. Families are often fond of doing this - bringing up who did what where when. And friends and associates may dwell o n this limiting factor. Enlighten them ! Don't you know someone who makes family members call them a name rather than a title of position? Like a mother wanting to be called her name rather than "Mom", for instance ? This is a great way not o nly of allowing yourself and others to see you in a new light - as a real person, not just as a job description or station-holder - but it's a great way to notice that you're able to maintain your youth !
We've noticed that often others make a big point of someone's age if they're envious. Sometimes it's a less attractive person who feels they've bettered the o ne they envy if they demean them with ageism.
This is a symptom of cruelty and a way others fill their needs to keep someone else static in a position they themselves need you to fill. It's not healthy.
Forbid this kind of thing to happen around you and avoid the envious whenever possible, even if it means shedding friends.
Courage is necessary if you really want to change.
You'll need to have the stamina of a heroine to understand that you have an allegiance to yourself, first. To create yourself as you really want to will give others more to lean o n anyway, so make yourself over in the image you would like to be, even if there are growing pains invovled.
And speaking of change -
Then, notice that - although you're perfect the way you are - there may be things
you'd like to change a bit, or even a lot.

Remember - everything changes.  You can adopt better ways of living any moment
you choose, and therefore - you can change your looks, the way you feel,
the way you walk, talk, think, eat, move - everything !

So, now imagine yourself with the changes you'd like to see - whether it's your 
hairdo, your tone, your style of dress, your skin condition, your posture - or 
all of these and more. See yourself as you'd like to be.

Love yourself now and love your new image - the o ne you'll move into.

Now get down to details. Analyze yourself like you're a brand new thing -
like you're a project or a work of art in progress.

See what you�d like to have refreshed, renewed, revitalized, changed, 
or rearranged. T
his is your first Youthizing Tip.

YouthMermaid Youthizing Tip 2

Now that you're familiar with your own body, have learned to love it for what it does for you - rather like loving your own vehicle - why knock your car ? Whether it's a Rolls or a Volkswagen, it gets your around, right ?
Your body - that magnificent machine that houses your spirit and your will and enables you to achieve countless tasks and great goals every day of your long life - deserves respect, love, and reverence.
Your body really is your temple.
For the religious, this is more than advice. It's an order from the Spirit Upstairs who bestowed this great gift upon you !
So from now o n, honor your body the way it is.

Now - remember that every day the trillions of very alive and vibrating cells that make up your body are renewing themselves if they're given what they need and not being renewed if they're not given what they need.
It's that simple.
Know that all you desire to be remedied, healed, changed, slimmized and trimmized, remuscled, revamped and updated in your body is within grasp - today more than ever before in the history of the world !
Now, due to the growing availability of organically-grown veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, we can easily stoked our beauty-building cells with the nutrients they need to become their very best every day !
Accept this unorthodox fact for awhile.
Think about your beauty in a new way.
Realize that you have the power to change anything you'd like to.
If you have cellulite, it can be smoothed.
If you have wrinkles, they can be removed.
If you have saddlebags, they can be slimmized.
If you have lost muscle tone, it can be restored.
If you have poor posture, if can be straightened.
Your skeletal structure is as fluid as are your fat cells in that they also - when given the right foods and mainly, when the toxins are taken away - can easily be rebuilt by your ingenius cellular system.
The old adage of the body being rebuilt every seven years was wrong. It's continually being repaired - if it gets what it needs to work with, and different systems of the body can be completely restored much more often.
We see this transformation every day o n TV as the constant parade of youthful stars marches by.
It doesn't take millions to be beautiful and youthful !
It o nly takes decision and intelligence !

This is your second lesson in YouthMermaid's series o n Youthizing.
Contemplate this fact for a few days and swim back in for more : your body is capable of being youthful, beautiful, healthy, vibrant, and powerful. All it is waiting for is a command from you and better eating, exercising, and lifestyle habits, better thoughts, better plans, and a few tricks we'll be sharing with you as we go along !

Let it absorb for a few days, start to think about yourself in a fresh way, 
realize that all can be renewed and improved, and then swim back for another 
installment in YouthMermaid�s Youthizing System !