Please enjoy this wonderful video produced by the Mid-Atlantic Conference. We are just getting started here in Southern Utah but we hope to get caught up quickly with these other great youth programs throughout the country and be part of the movement that will help create the next generation of great singers bringing harmony to the world.

    We have for interested music educators, choruses or quartets loads of
with no strings attached.  All music and part learning CD's have been copyright released by our national organization and may be distributed or copied for the youth choruses and quartet performers.

    In addition: we would like to extend our professional educators and directors assistance to any individuals, teachers or choruses who wish to take advantage of our experience. 

    Educational opportunities exist for educators who need continuing education credit and most of these are scholarship funded for music educators.

    If all this sounds too good to be true or you feel like there might be a catch I encourage you to watch the educator testimonials in this video, see our testimonials page or contact us and we will put you in touch with educators nearby in Las Vegas or throughout Southern California.
    If you are a student in Middle School or High School please contact us through your teacher. We do not wish to take you away from any of your schools' music functions. Rather, we wish to enhance the great programs that already exist.

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