SPORTUNION Tirol ( Austria)

SPORTUNION Tirol is a large non profit organisation in the sports field. More than 430 sport clubs (approximately 90.000 members) all located in Tirol make up SPORTUNION TIROL. Besides providing the sports clubs with training for trainers and youth workers, financial, legal and organisational support, the biggest objective of SPORTUNION TIROL is to create possibilities for the personal and professional development of young people in the sports sector.

During the last years, we have noticed an increase in the number of young people with fewer opportunities, Therefore, at the moment, the focus of our projects is on this target group. Our aim is to provide them with education, training and entrepreneurial experiences in the sports field. To achieve this goal a lot of trainings and workshops are organised.

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Nëus Jëuni Gherdëina (Italy)

Nëus Jëuni Gherdëina (NJG) is an umbrella organisation composed of 26 youth associations from Val Gardena (Gherdëina), north Italy, involving 54 youth workers, more than 500 young volunteers and 3.000 young beneficiaries per year. NJG coordinates and support the implementation of the projects and activities of these 26 youth associations.

The focus of NJG is on contributing to young people personal, social and professional development. To do so, we organise a lot of activities throughout the year such as: sports and outdoor activities, workshops, seminars, youth exchanges, concerts, volunteering, etc.

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Plataforma Andaluza de Voluntariado - The Andalusian Platform of Volunteering (Spain)

PAV (Plataforma Andaluza de Voluntariado - The Andalusian Platform of Volunteering), is a non-profit organisation composed of eight sub-regional platforms, one for each capital city in Andalusia (region on South Spain with 8,45 millions inhabitants). 406 voluntary organisations, more than 2.800 volunteer coordinators and more than 155.000 volunteers make up these sub-regional platforms.

PAV’s main activities are promoting volunteering, developing and managing projects involving volunteers, supporting voluntary organisations and volunteers in the development and management of social projects, and providing training opportunities for volunteers and those professionals working in voluntary organisations.

In 2012 PAV was awarded the recognition of “Utilidad Pública” (Organisation of Public Interest) by the Spanish government.

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Media Partners (Romania)

Media Partners SRL was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing high quality training for business development, entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial education.

Media Partners SRL is committed to offering high quality services for private companies, training programs for young professionals and to actively support the development of entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial education. We believe entrepreneurial education, social entrepreneurial education in particular, to be a key driver of economic success irrespective of one`s background.

For this, we address private companies, as well as people coming from all backgrounds and with all education levels. The company's main objectives are: to provide specialty services in order to fulfill the client’s needs for business development, to contribute to the improvement of the entrepreneurial behavior by delivering quality training on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

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