Welcome to the First Indonesian Baptist Church youth website!

(10/08/2012) We are having a Youth Picnic on Saturday, October 20th at 11 AM. The park we will be going to is still being determined, so check back for further info on that. We will be playing games (there will be prizes!), BBQ-ing and eating good food, and having a short worship and message time. Please invite your friends!

(10/08/2012) We will be celebrating the church's anniversary on Sunday, October 28th.

(10/30/2011): We are memorizing the books of the Bible! We are starting with the Old Testament and have divided it up into sections. Please check the "Memorize the books of the Old Testament" page to see the assignment for this week and upcoming weeks.

(10/27/2011): Youth revival night is this Saturday, October 29th at 6pm. Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information. 

(7/26/2011): Oops, we're lagging on updates...Church picnic was this past Saturday July 23. Youth banquet is this Saturday, July 30th @ 5pm at church. Dress to impress! There will be worship, a short message, and LOTS of FOOD!

(6/30/2011): Graduation night is this Saturday, July 2 at church. Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information.

(5/28/2011): We will be having a Summer Camp @ San Onofre State Beach Thursday afternoon, June 16 to Saturday, June 18. We camping, so be prepared! Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information. Cost is $25 per person.

(5/17/2011): Bike riding this Saturday May 21st. Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information.

(4/25/2011): Rock Climbing this Saturday, April 30th has been postponed. We are tentatively planning a beach trip (Huntington Beach?).

(4/12/2011): Easter Skit Practice is this Saturday @ Tante Sjafy's house. Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information.

(4/9/2011): This month's youth activity will be ROCK CLIMBING!! Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information.

(3/20/2011): More mission trip news. Pak Paul will be joining us! Also, the first payment of $60 will be due sometime next month, so please pray about it and let us know if you will be going.

(3/7/2011): March's youth activity will be a trip to the Getty Museum near UCLA. Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information.

(2/21/2011): There is a youth revival night hosted by Youth Harvest. Check the "Upcoming events" page for more information.

(2/6/2011): We have good news! The mission trip we have been wanting to do has been approved by our deacons! We have already registered our group with Amor Ministries and we are going to start fundraising money. Please continue to pray for this trip. If you have any ideas for raising money, please contact us. If you would like to know more about this trip, please click here.

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