This time, the aim of the seminar is to develop new projects
which can be carried out by the participating UNAs/UNYAs by themselver, in co-operation with other partner assocations or by the established network of UNA Youth Sections/UNYAs called UNYANET. To do so, the seminar is divided in two parts: In the first part, the participants will present the projects of their association and hold a presentation to a relate
d topic. In the following discussions, the participants will share their opinion about the topic. In the second part, the participants will work in small groups to develop new youth projects. As it is a seminar, all participants are kindly invited to participate in the development of the seminar. If you want to make a suggestion or have a question, please write a mail to cooperation.seminar@gmail.com

Future Youth Cooperation and Project Seminars are carried out by UNYANET:

Welcome to the Youth Project and Cooperation Seminar Vienna


The seminar is over, please visit the page of UNYANET for more information

For questions, please contact the seminar team: cooperation.seminar@gmail.com


The press release can be downloaded here