About Us

Rabbi Zevi and Musy New moved to San Diego in March of 2012 and immediately began planting the seeds of Jewish teen empowerment and moral education. Assuming the role of Chabad Shluchim (Emissaries), they have dedicated their lives completely to bringing excitement to Jewish experiential practice, relevant insights--and most importantly--creating meaningful Jewish influenced opportunities for teens.

Our Mission Statement

The Youth Action Movement is a Jewish teen community organization which brings pride and awareness to High School students, as founded upon the three pillars of Judaism:

  • Torah - Discussion based classes; forums for teen expression, influenced by the sound foundation of Torah values. Advocacy events. Bringing Torah principles into our day-to-day lives.
  • Avodah - “Serving G-d with joy and unity…” by bridging the gap between cultures and social distances in celebration of Jewish Holidays and notable calendar dates. Inspiring lasting relationships through positive social atmospheres.

G'milut Chassadim - Extending a hand to G-d’s creations in the most relevant and innovative ways. The Torah teaches us to love G-d’s creations and bring them closer to him. Organizing various campaigns and events to better the universe and the social environment around us.

At the YAM, we believe that the key to Jewish continuity relies heavily on the formulation of opinions and the engaging experiences teens have during High School. We strive to empower our teens throughout this crucial period of time in life. Namely, by giving them the opportunity to be part of a greater Jewish teen community-- subsequently becoming prouder Jews.