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Address: CRNSTechnopole of Sfax, PO Box 275, Sakiet Ezzit, 3021 Sfax - Tunisia
Phone : +216 74863042
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Certified as an official NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute instructor and ambassador in 2018

I am currently Assitant Professor at the digital research center of Sfax (CRNS) and head of the DeepVision research team. I am also member of the MIRACL Laboratory and  associate member of LITIS laboratory, Rouen, France since 2013. I obtained my Ph.D. degree from University of Rouen in 2009 and my engineer's degree from the National Engineering School of Sfax (Tunisia).

Before joining CRNS, i was postdoctoral researcher in ITESOFT company. My current research interests center around Deep learning, Pattern recognition, Document processing, Computer vision and data fusion. 

  • News !
  • Certified as an official NVIDIA DLI instructor I am proud to announce that I just got certified as an official NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute instructor after a successful certification interview at GTC EUROPE 2018 in Munich
    Posted Oct 15, 2018, 3:57 PM by Yousri Kessentini
  • New accepted paper in Neurocomputing Our paper "Evidential Combination of SVM Classifiers for Writer Recognition" is accepted in NeuroComputing journal, Mai 2018.
    Posted Jul 14, 2018, 4:13 AM by Yousri Kessentini
  • AWARDED A NVIDIA GPU GRANT for my Deep Learning Research We are pleased to announce that Dr. YOUSRI KESSENTINI, the head of the DeepVison research team in CRNS has been awarded an nVidia GPU Grant. The grant consists in a cutting-edge processing system for Deep Learning applications based on Titan Xp GPU that will be used for our latest projects.NVIDIA’s Academic Programs Team is dedicated to empowering and collaborating with professors and researchers at universities worldwide. The aim is to inspire cutting-edge technological innovation and to find new ways of enhancing faculty research as well as the teaching and learning experience.
    Posted Apr 30, 2018, 6:28 AM by Yousri Kessentini
  • A demo of our GAPRPI plateform GAPRPI is a license plate recognition solution adapted to Tunisian vehicles. It was developed as part of the VRR REIVE project (Vehicle Identity REcognition) in collaboration between CRNS and KOTECH.You can test our GAPRPI solution by following this link:
    Posted May 5, 2018, 8:34 AM by Yousri Kessentini
  • Offre de thèse avec Financement Nous sommes à la recherche d'un candidat pour une thèse ou un postdoc qui bénéficiera d'un financement dans le cadre du projet PRF  SMART-CASTLE : SMART Contrôle Aérien, Satellitaire et Terrestre de L'activité terroristE.
    Posted Jun 5, 2017, 8:09 AM by Yousri Kessentini
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