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Building Maker Competition

Google Building Maker Modeling Competition!


The competition has ended - here are the results:

Best Model:
2nd: Instituto Unzue modeled by Gravitar

Most Models:
1st: monzon with 2267 models!
2nd: A3DJ with 1597 models!
3rd: willjen with 1341 models!

Thanks for participating in modeling and/or voting, everyone!


Starts: June 15, 12:01am Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
Ends: August 8, 11:59pm Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

Models created before or after these dates will not be eligible.

Competition Categories*:
  • 1st Place - Best Model
  • 2nd Place - Best Model
  • 3rd Place - Best Model
  • 1st Place - Most Models
  • 2nd Place - Most Models
  • 3rd Place - Most Models
*Each entrant is only eligible for one prize. You can submit entries for both categories, but you will only receive the prize for the higher placed category. 

  • First Prize: Casio EX-H20GBK Hybrid-GPS enabled digital camera with 10x zoom and 3 inch LCD (Approximate Retail Value $300 USD)
  • Second Prize: Google Building Maker T-shirt (Approximate Retail Value $20 USD)
  • Third Prize: Google Mug (Approximate Retail Value $10 USD)

General requirements:
  • Only models created in the following cities are eligible:
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Cordoba, Argentina
    • Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    • Mendoza, Argentina
    • Rosario, Argentina
    • Ottawa, Canada 
  • Models must be first modeled in Building Maker and optionally refined/edited in SketchUp.
  • Models must be accepted to the 3D Buildings Layer - here are some ways to ensure that your models will be reviewed and accepted in time:
    • Avoid creating duplicate models (this will prevent "Better Model Exists" appeals, etc.). In Building Maker, look for buildings that do not already have dots.
    • Make sure your models meet the Acceptance Criteria.
    • Appealing models or creating duplicate models near or on the competition End Date may result in review delays!


If you wish to enter the competition, please fill out the following forms by the end date (August 8, 11:59 MDT):

  • Please submit one model per form. You may enter as many models as you want, but you will only be eligible for one prize. 
  • Please submit your username and email address and we'll automatically count the number of Google Earth accepted models at the end of the competition.
  • You can model in one, all, or any combination of the 6 cities! (We will check and count for models in all cities.)


Submissions for the "Most Models" category will be automatically determined based on the timestamps of only models that are accepted to the 3D Buildings Layer.

Submissions for the "Best Model" will be first reviewed by a group of people on the 3D Team at Google. The top 5 models that are selected will go up for public vote on August 15, 9am (MDT). Voting will end on August 19, 5pm (MDT).

Winners of both categories will be announced on August 22, MDT.


Again, please read the OFFICIAL RULES if you haven't already! :)


Post them on the Geo-modeling Forum!