The Yard Sale Depot

Our client has contracted with your virtual worker online to layout and build a website that is simple and easy for customers to view their inventory. We are also implementing a method to  allow for local customers to use the website in order to promote and advertise their own home yard sale. We will develop a method for our client to easily up load and edit images they need to have shown. Your virtual worker will assist our client in organizing and editing the images that are required to show. In this capacity we are a Virtual Assistant for our client on a weekly sometime daily bases. 

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Directory NameDirectory Link
At Garage Sale ( Listing of Garage sales 
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Facebook FB Biz Page 
Google Directory Write a review on Google 
gslr GSLR 
News Paper New Paper Article 
Photo Bucket Images of products 
Super Pages Yellow Pages 
Tribune Report Article about grand opening 
Twitter  Keep up with new items 
Website  Official Website 
Yard Sale Search 
Yellow Book Yellow Book Directory 
Yelp Page on Yelp 
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