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Cover Letter

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Smile, I hope you enjoyed my animated cartoon. I appreciate you for reading my cover letter regarding your employment description and requirements. I’m very interested in discussing how my skills and abilities will fit with your available position. I am a fast learner capable of adapting and productively using my skills and knowledge to perform any task. 

While looking for advancement & opportunities to grow in a virtual assistant / telecommute industry. I’m easy going and understand the stress of standard office operation procedures (S.O.P.) needed in any business environment. I would be happy to visit via an online application i.e. skype, meeting anywhere, or any you may choose to use. I'm also not apposed to even having a face to face visit; if possible, to learn more about your company’s position! 

Having worked in the virtual realm of computers and Internet for many years I’m capable of learning any program your company requires quickly and efficiently. I understand you are requiring certain skills and abilities to perform the job requirements you need fulfilled. I’m capable of asking questions and obtaining the required information & follow up when needed. Thank you for the opportunity to submit my resume and being considered for your:

"Virtual Assistant / Telecommute" Position