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How it started

Hello my name is Marland Love and this is my website for those businesses and individuals who seek to hire a Virtual Assistant / Telecommute worker. This is a service business that I've started back in 2008 when I was laid off from my Heavy Equipment Operator career just when the economy went south. I had been a heavy equipment operator for the local union for 9 years. The final 3 years had been as a Tower Crane Operator which I truly miss doing. However, now being a Virtual Assistant, this is now my passion. 
  • PLEASE READ, for a detail understanding of what a Virtual Assistant is and how it will assist yourself or business. 
Now, during and through those nine years as a heavy equipment operator I've excelled in multiple other en devours such as being a licensed Real Estate Agent, a Mortgage Loan Consultant, a business partner for a printing repair company (still am to date) and on the board of a non-profit organization (still am to date). I've always been a seeker of new and inventive ways to earn and promote business for myself and for others. Feel free to visit the Reference page under How It Stated to see the list of those I have helped and am currently helping.

As I stated, I was laid off in 2008 and I truly felt I'd be able to rebound and fall into another union gig or find work but low and 
behold that certainly did not happen. I found myself moving my household multiple times and faced with all types of financial issues for a year or two until I began to focus on my Virtual Assistant work (Business). I fell in love with it. So much of what I've been able to accomplish being my own boss working from home. YES, I said working from home. People when I first started assumed I was merely home in my undies just buying time. This was not the case... I wake every morning for the past 2 years at 4AM prepare my list of assignments and go to work. I work multiple hours and late into the night. I'm a real person seeking to gain and earn my clients loyalty and support. I work harder than a 9 to 5 employee and I am far more alert to assist my clients in more ways than any employee who is watching the clock and checking their FACEBOOK profile on their (companies) computer. Trust me I know. I see and hear about employees buying time (Dicking the Dog as we use to say in the Construction field).

Now that I have a my home office (see Home Office Setup) and my focus on small to midsize businesses and also individuals to assistant and support them in a number of helpful avenues. Avenues that help them focus on their business. I help maintain or follow up on assignments asked of me, so that this allots my clients free time to grow their business. I have many Testimonials that lend to this statement. I am very honest and I never load myself down to the point where I can not adequitley follow though on the work I've said I can do for any client/s. I will either let you know up front that I do not have time or I'll offer a suggestion and a time that your request can be completed. Some assignments take mere moments to complete for me and hours and hours to complete for you. I know this to be a fact. So my doors of communication are always open and I am more than happy to talk face to face via SKYPE or phone and even email you when you are ready to learn more about me and how I can help you as your virtual assistant / worker / telecommute partner: