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Live Stream

We are starting our BETA TESTING with live streaming for our clients. We intend to work with both business professionals and individuals. Contact us and learn more about how our live streaming works and will work for you. For a test demo contact Marland Love at 626-502-6235 and let him know you would like to view a live demo right now.

To join the LIVE SHOW and chat with us LIVE simply visit: 
Live streaming video by Your Virtual Worker Online 

This simple quick video is just 7 minutes of what we can do for you. We simply tour this 3 bedroom 2.5 bath property. We walk through it and view the property. What is unique about this property is that we are recording it in real time. We can do the same for any property we have access to. We can tour the property while you are viewing the property in real time. You can ask us questions and we can stream live anything at the property your event you want to see. In most cases we are your eyes around the property and venue. Contact Marland Love 626-502-6235 for additional information and a live stream tour at a moments notice.