We offer a variety of unique floor plans for our TREXXAGON™ series. The inherent space
       efficiency of THE TREXXAGON
™ is very evident in our designs. Our in house interior 

       professional is available for custom designs. Great detail has been given to ergonomics

       on each floor plan for long term occupancy. We offer complete building packages and plans

       for the
 following designs with an array of options designed to fit any budget. We provide 

       finance packages for our products.

The Adobe Southwestern Pueblo is a very popular

design. Our custom interior decor packages along

with the deep walls emulates the warmth and soul

of the authentic New Mexican adobes. The center

piece is a three way electrical Kiva fireplace. An array

of earthtones compliment each other providing peace

and harmony.




The Contempo 2020 is an ultra modern Italian design. 

 Its futuristic lines are very high tech, clean and crisp,

 without loosing their sense of warmth. The 2020's 

 floor plan is admittedly a very graphic space age 

 design. Words fall short in trying to verbally describe

 the sheer beauty of this model. Color palette: silver,

 brushed stainless, platinum all in a perfect balance of

 form and color.  Invigorating planes of light and 

 shadow  purvey the true beauty of this design.


The Kalahari Odyssey was created to serve the tastes

of the true naturalist and evoke a sense of the African

wilds. A hint of true African creosote is evident, as this

is used in several of the decor fixtures. We strive to 

create a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere through

our innovative designs. We believe our structures are

a work of art that transcends living as we know it



The Shogun is a contemporary Japanese design using the Feng Shui  school for harmonic

balance and aesthetic beauty. It is designed for easy living, as it reflects centuries of Japanese

philosophical culture.                                                    

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