Sherbrooke Vision

Hello fellow Sherbrooke residents! 

Have you heard about the great news?
No? Well, do we have some great news for you! 

At the October 2009 Community League General Meeting the city stopped by to announce and present the details of a “Neighbourhood Renewal Program”. The Sherbrooke Community infrastructure has reached a critical point in its lifecycle and our complete renewal program has been moved from 2015 to May 2010.

This means that starting next May, Sherbrooke will begin a two year renewal of our roads, curbing, sidewalks and street lighting. To your community executive it means a few key community involved decisions need to be made. To you it means we need your engagement and support, NOW! 

We can be glad that for the past 18 months your executive has been making personal connections and outreaching to all the community support structures we can find in an effort to become prepared to work with our residents to create a vision for Sherbrooke. The major questions being; “What do you like about Sherbrooke? What would you like to see improved?” and “How can we work together as a community to get these done?” 

Our initial goal was to begin having “vision discussions” with you was over the summer and fall of 2010. Clearly we need to modify that plan. We need you to become a major part of our vision TODAY. This is your community, inspire change!

In the coming days you will hear and see more from your community than you ever have before. We ask that you get engaged, understand our choices today, help us understand your vision for our community’s future, and prepare to take an active role in its direction, and while you’re at it, tell your neighbour about the great news!


Ken Reeves

Come to our Kick Off Event, Nov. 24, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Have your say on how to inspire change for Sherbrooke.