Kitchen Staples

Pantry Staples

1. Grains

· 1 loaf of whole wheat bread

· 2 grains and 1 box of pasta (½ your stocked grains should be whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, farro, wheat berries, whole wheat cous-cous, millet, barley)

· Oatmeal; choose rolled or steel cut oats or unsweetened instant oatmeal

· 2 boxes of cereal

2. Snacks

· 1 jar of all natural nut butter

· At least 3 snack choices for the family (refer to Your Secret Ingredient Snack List for ideas)

3. Cooking Supplies:

· Dried Herbs/Spices: (salt, black pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, paprika, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cumin, chili powder, oregano, herb de provence, dried bay leaves)

· 1 bottle of olive oil, 1 bottle of canola oil (optional: 1 bottle of specialty oil, such as avocado oil, for salads)

· 1 quart of low-sodium chicken broth

· 1 jar of approved tomato sauce; 1 quart of pureed/crushed tomatoes

· 2-3 cans of low-sodium beans; 1 package of lentils

· 1 container of trans-fat free whole wheat bread crumbs

· 2-3 cans of low-sodium soup

4. Optional Baking supplies (all kept in air-tight containers)

· Baking soda (a separate box from your fridge and freezer supply; change every month)

· Baking powder (change every month)

· All purpose flour and whole wheat flour

· Rolled oats

· Sugar; white and brown

· Honey/Molasses

· Vanilla

· Dried fruits

· Canned fruit purees – 1 can of applesauce, pumpkin or sweet potato puree

· Variety of nuts

· 1-2 16 oz bags of dark chocolate chips

Freezer Staples

1. Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

· 1 package of de-shelled edamame

· 2-3 packages of frozen non-starchy vegetables (of different varieties)

· 1 package of frozen fruit

2. Dinner Choices

· 1 dinner’s worth of left-overs (such as frozen soup, casserole, meatballs, chili)

· Homemade sauces such as tomato or pesto. Keep small portions of sauce in ice cube trays for individualized cooking

· Frozen protein: keep 1 package of chicken breasts, frozen fish filets from Trader Joes, and/or frozen shrimp

· Homemade or Packaged Veggie Burgers/Homemade Turkey or Chicken Burgers

3. Breakfast Options

· 1 box of approved frozen waffles or muffins (1 breakfast item) or homemade whole wheat/fruit muffins

· 1 loaf of whole-wheat bread and/or breakfast bread such as Thomas’s Whole Wheat Bagel Thins

4. Miscellaneous

· 1 container of freezer packaged baking soda

· 1 Your Secret Ingredient frozen dessert option

· 1 package of unsalted stick butter (for baking)

Refrigerator Staples

1. Dairy

· Eggs (hardboiled if your family likes them and raw)

· 1 container of low-fat milk

· A few containers of low-fat yogurt

· Whipped unsalted butter or trans-fat free margarine such as Smart Balance light

· Pre-portioned cheese such as low-fat string cheeses

· 1 container of low-fat cottage cheese

· Dip, such as hummus

2. Meals and Proteins

· 1 open jar of all natural nut butter

· Pre-portioned nuts

· 1 package of in-house made cold cuts such as from Whole Foods

· 1 store-bought or homemade rotisserie Chicken

· 1 night’s worth of dinner (cooked ahead of time for the week)

3. Produce

· 3 varieties of fruits, 4 varieties of vegetables (including easily snackable veggies like baby carrots)

· 2-3 fresh herbs, onion, garlic, and lemons for cooking

4. “After School Corner”

· 2 types of washed/cut up fruit

· 2 types of washed-cut up vegetables (baby carrots, snap peas, raw broccoli, pepper strips, green beans, baby cucumbers, roasted vegetables)

· Dips (bean, veggie)

· String cheese or other pre-portioned cheeses

· Yogurt

· Nuts (depending on age of children in the house)

5. Beverages

· 1 pitcher of homemade flavored water (mint and cucumber, basil and strawberry, berries, watermelon or other melons, pineapple or citrus, etc)

· Homemade unsweetened iced tea (with or without caffeine; caffeine free for children under the age of 15)

· Cold water or seltzer

6. Miscellaneous

· 1 container of fridge baking soda

· 1-3 jars of approved condiments