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Find Your Eye's Blindspots!!! 

Ceres Software

Moon Phases Animation


 Canadian Museum of Nature Online Genetics Games

Thinkquest Molecular Biology

 National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Downloadable Applets for Kites, Rockets and More!

Sheppard Software

K-12+ Games, Simulations and Quizzes

This has got to be one of my all time favorite places on the web. Science games, yes, but the geography games are what I love! And I adore that stabbing voice when you get the answer wrong! AWWWOOOH! Self correcting before you go on, with printable results and quizzes.

Funderstanding Roller Coaster 

 4-12+ Simulation


3-12 Math and Science Simultions & Quizzes

This amazing website is NOT totally FREE. You can play each gizmo free for 5 minutes. You can also get a free trial subsciption for home by registering. They don't try to sell you anything. You can also register for a newsletter which keeps you updated. That being said, these simulations, or Gizmos, as they call them, are some of the best I have seen. The parameters, variables and graphs are excellent, and the quizzes that go with each Gizmo engage higher level thinking...i.e. application, not just recall. They sort the Gizmos by state standards as well as grade and subject areas. If you like this site, check with your local school district to see if they are in current negotiations with ExploreLearning...they may be!

Two hills and a loop. You can even turn off the gravity. Comes with an interactive glossary. All you need is Java.

Cambridge University Simulations

 5-12+ Games & Simulations

Genetics, Roller Coaster, Trebuchet, Biomass, and even some humanities thrown in! Comes with teacher materials and links.

FOSS- Full Option Science System

K-6 Games

Choose a grade level K-6 and then a kit. Each subject represents a hands on kit produced by Delta Education. In the left hand column, click on the activities box. You can put a skeleton together (Human Body) freeze and melt common objects (Solids and Liquids) and even match parents to offspring (Animals Two by Two.) 

PhET Physics Education Technology

9-12+ Simulations

A totally awesome site for physics simulations! Molecular motion, gas laws, solutions, friction...I could go on all day! Provided by the University of Colorado at Boulder, this site provides three options: running the simulations directly from the website, downloading single simulations to your computer, CD or USB, or downloading the entire site.

BBC Science Clips

K-6 Content, Games & Quizzes

Great interactive site for wee folks...just add a mouse and click! Many different science disciplines and processes are included. If you link back to the main BBC Schools website, you can access secondary education and pre K-12 links in ALL subject areas.

Jefferson Labs

4-12+ Science & Math Games 

Word scrambles, crosswords, hangman, Jefferson Labs provides a variety of fun ways to review science terms. They have several Periodic Table of Elements games. Includes a teacher zone. Java enabled.

Microbe Movies

 Any Age. Bacteria Movies! 

Iowa State University Chemistry

Advanced Placement or Beginning College

Great simulations that you can stop with explainations from Iowa State. They even have a link to a download page with zip files. I wish I'd had this when I was getting my chemistry degree!


Browse the internet for educational needs. Chances are, there's a simulation out there to match your need...somewhere!


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Air resistance can slow you down, gravity can bring you down, but terminal velocity will get you every time!

I have a friction addiction!

Math Simulations

Because math and science go hand and hand (and also because math is too much fun to leave out,) here are some games and simulations to guide you exploration of mathematics.

 Billy Bug

Feed Billy! Elementary graphing game from Oswego School District, Oswego, NY.

PhET Physics Education Technology

 Math as well as science sims. Grade 7 +

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

These are best used with a parent or teacher as a teaching tool. Several age levels and math areas.

Sheppard Software

Once again, my favorite site. 

 Random numbers, coin toss, strings and more.

Math Cats 

Interactive games for kids!

Explore Learning

Newly added elementary make this site hot to trot! Free one month subscriptions are available


Deserve their own page!

Other Educational Sites of Note

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Giant Millipedes

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