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Portfolio of Work/About TSG:

Please visit our Facebook page to see pics of our recent - February 2012 - yard renovation work!

This image is from a shade garden we planted in May of 2010, with a "Sangu-kaku" coral bark Japanese maple as the centerpiece. Note the voodoo lily to the right of the maple.

These two images are from a pathway we laid out in April 2010 with broken pavers and brick, with Scotch moss, red thyme, and various violas around the edges and between the pavers.

Here is part of a 150' retaining wall, done in "Cottage Stone" pavers, I helped install at a house in Cascade Park, in Vancouver. No mortar, sand and 5/8" minus gravel base. We also did the garden installation behind the wall, 3 25' tall beautiful white birches, and blue juniper as the groundcover.

From left to right: a vegetable garden I laid out in early spring as a whole; close-up showing the found river rock strawberry bed; the cauliflower bed, with found art glass border.

On left: our "garden totem", the mysterious driftwood bird. On the right: the radish and lettuce/mustard green bed laid out, with found art glass border. As of June 2010, we are now proudly eating the veggies contained therein.

From left to right: a shade garden, centered around a "Sangukaku" coralbark Japanese maple; close-up of the shade garden, featuring maidenhair fern, painted fern (on left side), golden hakonechloa, and a cobra lily (on right), with found moss-covered log as centerpiece. We dug sod up from the lawn (for veggie garden) and piled it here, then covered with newspaper, then medium-sized wood mulch; on right - close-up of a Pacific Coast hybrid iris in bloom in the shade garden (see full pot in left-hand photo).

From left to right, photos of a stairway mosaic done in ceramic tile and found art glass, May 2010.

From left to right: views of the installation of a new backyard garden area, featuring a groundcover map of Vancouver, Washington (center), done in Scotch moss and "Black Scallop" ajuga, with black mondo and coleus effects. The right-hand photo is an overview of said new garden area - the glass tile lines and sand paths follow the geographic shape of the freeways and rivers in the area. Done June 2010.

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