plants terms

Contract Terms for Plants

Client agrees to release The Sacred Garden and all its agents/associates from any damage/disease/sickness/mistreatment of the plant once it is in their hands, and no longer The Sacred Garden's concern - this includes damage to the plant resulting from neglect/abuse (including lack of watering, bad light, poor soil, urban stress & pollution, etc).

The Sacred Garden in return agrees to release client from any further responsibilities other than purchase of the plant itself, and releases client from any obligations with regards to the gardening services portion of The Sacred Garden's business, except: when client is already a services client of The Sacred Garden and/or has a line item estimate (regardless of signed services contract) outstanding with The Sacred Garden.

Services clients of The Sacred Garden agree to only source plants from The Sacred Garden for portions of their garden that The Sacred Garden is working with/on, during the times in which we are working there - if plants are brought in from the outside during such times, all portions of the service contract shall be null & void, and The Sacred Garden will add additional fees, in the amount of the plant cost if sourced through us, to the final invoice for services.

Client agrees to abide by all final price/availability checks, including cost, delivery dates, and shipping methods, and agrees that once their order form (authorizing The Sacred Garden to place their plant order) is signed, regardless of money changing hands, that they will abide by The Sacred Garden's purchase and follow through with payment/not go to a competitor.

The Sacred Garden agrees to price plants, if brought to our attention by client, for the same price as regular nursery competitors (excluding "big box stores" such as Lowe's or Home Depot). The Sacred Garden agrees to never price plants for more than 1.67x our wholesale cost, and to apply the proper discounts (i.e. resale, landscaper discounts) to overall cost of order per client.

Client agrees all plants are NON-REFUNDABLE, with exchanges/store credit upon approval of The Sacred Garden only.

The Sacred Garden agrees to accept and replace at no cost to client any plants which arrive damaged/diseased/dead to client.

Client agrees to pay delivery & shipping rates as set by The Sacred Garden's suppliers (TBD) and The Sacred Garden itself: $13/every $100 of order (free below $100), 15% of total plant cost for USPS Priority Mail shipping. Client agrees to only order plants known to survive in their geographic area, and to only order plants which can handle any undue stress from shipping vagaries. The Sacred Garden is not responsible for shipping issues once plant has left our hands.