10 March 2011

A Weekly Program on Work Rights and Social Justice
An index to the Audio PODCASTS from this week's program segments:
Produced this week by Catherine Zengerer.
Presented by Catherine and Erin.
Podcasts, thanks to Tim.
  1. Union News : Link to Audio
  2. Training Fund Cuts : Martin O'Mally joins to discuss how $3M this year and $4.5M next is to moved out of the Building Industry Training Fund : Link to Audio
  3. Building Industry : Aaron Carledge talks with Catherine on illegal contracting practices on SA contruction sites : Link to Audio : Link to Related News Article
  4. International Womens Day March : Yesha joined live and speaks with SA Union's Janet Giles : Link to Audio
  5. Gender Pay Gap : is still alive and well with the slope in the wrong direction. Elizabeth Broderick Sex Discrimination Commissioner Gender : Link to Audio : Link to Related News Article 
  6. Myschool 2.0 Website : Chris Bonner joined to explained the new site : Link to Audio : Link to Related News Article

6 Reasons Why the ABCC Must Go in 2011

Quality isn't just what you do, it's how you do it.
The First Star symbol recognises hotels that have signed Fair Work Agreements with their staff.
Embrace the First Star fundamentals of ethical luxury, and shine from the inside out.
Visit their site and find out how you can support the cause.

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